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G2Voice Broadcast 136 – 135 LIFE-CHANGING topics covered on G2Voice 4-21-2019


This week we are talking about all the episodes up to date.

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9 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast 136 – 135 LIFE-CHANGING topics covered on G2Voice 4-21-2019

  1. TearingDown Strongholds // 21st April 2019 at 4:53 pm //

    good day to you, brothers and sisters.
    i’ve recently picked up 4lbs. of sodium chlorite 80% (technical grade) from one of your recommended suppliers.
    i’ve been looking around locally for HcL for the activator. the best that i’ve found thus far is an inexpensive gallon bottle of TRANSCHEM muriatic acid (20 Baume HcL 31.45%)
    i believe the above link is the correct product i bought.
    i’m a bit unsure if this will be very harsh on my system, possibly creating diarrhea.
    the only other option i’ve found thus far is a “citric acid” powder at a whole foods store. the ‘supplements person’ knows essentially nothing about the powder, other than some people buy it…
    i was thinking that i’d talk with a high school chemistry teacher to get advice on where to find the bottles and droppers and such that i still need, and i would probe them for info about the HcL and qualities thereof, but i’d MUCH rather hear from you guys on the positives and negatives of using muriatic acid for the HcL activator and what direction i’d be wise to take for my next step.
    i hope this is clear, many thanks in advance.

  2. Mark and Joe. Did you see the article that the Drudge Report Road about you and the Leavenworth seminar? Not to worry. He’s just part of the swamp and the pharmaceutical perhaps

  3. It’s an honor being called a conspiracy theorist.

    It’s a lot better than being a “coincidence theorist” who can’t see what’s happening all around him.

    Stay safe during your stay in the United States of Big Pharma!

  4. thank you g2 v

  5. Great show lot of information Aloha from Maui

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