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17 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast Live test

  1. Give us your feedback. Remember, we are having a Genesis II Church seminar in Tampa, Florida Oct. 7th-9th. Hope to see you there! If interested, contact us at:

  2. Audio/video very nice. Looks and sounds great. Audio on my side was low but no prob….I turned my sound up.

  3. Perfect sound visual xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Looks and sounds great. This will be very helpful and a great way to share information.

  5. So excited. Thank you for all the work done to achieve this great voice for MMS

  6. hola amigos..gracias a a DIOS ya estan en el aire…espero que lo hagan en español tambien..bendiciones ,y abrazos.


  8. Nice job guys! I’m proud of you. It is inspiring to see the effort you both put into this project. Way to go!

  9. Congratulations guy’s you are Gods helpers to get this information out to the world. We love you for all you do.

  10. Congrats guys! Looks and sounds great. Perhaps a better camera angle would be good – so we can see you better. Or maybe just move Mark’s mic.
    I am a big proponent of MMS. Years ago, Jim Humble helped me get my son over melanoma.. I have the before and after pics. Would love to tell my story.

  11. Awesome guys!!!! waiting for the first broadcast.

  12. Awesome !Good to see you guys:)

  13. G2 VoicePublished by Mark Grenon · 11 mins · G2 NEWS:

    We are getting attacked DAILY on all of our sites. Yahoo has completely
    censored anything that mentions MMS. We have had our .org domain taken
    from us. We had to move everything to Iceland. Bravo Iceland for the
    freedom you have given your people! Hackers are trying to stop us so we
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    even sign up with two different e-mails to make sure.

    Please tell friends to sign up also. We are putting where to sign up
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    We could use the help in making everything better on our sites and
    especially in beefing up our internet security.Thanks for the help.
    Let’s change the world together!
    Mark All Newsletters (List) – Jim Humble´s MMS News and Newsletter archive – Genesis II Church –

  14. If anyone needs daily sacramental guidance or come to the Colombian
    Restoration center for whatever “dis-ease” you are experiencing, you
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    Mark Grenon

  15. HumbleDiscipleOfYah // 2nd May 2017 at 9:32 pm //

    Terrific – revolutionary idea and health assistance contrary to Big Pharma. However, might I suggest that you reconsider updating your G2 signage that would reflect the geocentric model ofnthe earth instead of the heliocentric deception. …just something to consider at a later date perhaps.

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