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7 Comments on G2Voice Update 8 19 16

  1. Hello Mark & Jim. I am also excited about G2Voice! This is just amazing and thanks to you folks for teaching me about MMS. I have not been sick in over 2 years since using MMS protocols. I double-dog dare a Zika infested mosquito to stick his/stinger into my blood stream, because I already know what will happen. They (the mosquito) will become healthy. (and that’s bad) You see my blood is saturated with MMS (chlorine dioxide) Bahaha!

  2. Hi Mark, sending this to Daniel Smith in SeaTac jailhouse, Seattle. This will lift his Spirit and will help with his Appeal against his 53 month sentence for mis-labelling MMS. Stay safe my friend – Julian Assange’s lawyer was recently assassinated in London – no-one is truly safe from the Cabal

  3. @G2Voice Wishing you ALL success with your fantastic endeavour! I researched Jim and MMS about 4 years ago and did a thorough job and my finding was that he and you all are 110% bona fide. Yes the cabal was strong but omg one can see everywhere now where they are crumbling – it’s only a matter of time now.

    I’m ordering the drops today – at long last! – (I ordered once before from ebay but they only turned yellow, not amber, so according to Jim’s instructions, I waited till I could get better ones. That day has arrived. I bought Jim’s book a couple of years ago but so far no update with instructions on how to use it for MS symptoms and few other things I have.

    Please …where can I get the instructions for how to use the drops for MS symptoms, psoriasis etc?!

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