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21 Comments on Healthy Children Part 2 and Q&A

  1. Love this guy!

  2. Thank you Dr Morse! You’re a great inspiration for humanity.

  3. What a bro. Love this guy. I would love to have Dr. Morse do some iridology on my eyes.

  4. My 1st son never had formula. He had rice milk and Shaklee vanilla meal shake. The nurse couldn’t believe it she said “Omg his chest is bigger than his head!”

  5. Of course I was on Shaklee the whole time I was pregnant

  6. Carrots have more calcium than milk. I juice them and my whole face glows. The second I feel sick. I get my juicer out. I do apple lemonade

  7. Great video as always! Which retreats does dr. Morse mentions? Is it about taking psychedelics during those?

  8. looking forward to retreats in the uk

  9. let’s get 1 thing right, there is no corona. it’s a hoax. just murders and falsified death certificates.

    • I’m sure there is a virus out there. I always felt it was done on purpose, to thin out the population and create chaos to distract people from what’s really goin on behind the scenes. Much of the numbers are definitely inflated.

    • @Nikki there are zillions of viruses in our body, made by our cells, when we need a clean up (often). Viruses are not bacteria. Bacteria can make viruses because they are cells. So far we dont even know that we have ever even seen virus. All we saw is exosomes coming out of cells and going about attaching to damaged cells. We know viruses/exosomes are information carriers which have helped our evolution by helping us adapt to new conditions. This explains the bi-yearly seasonal epidemics when the human body strives to clean up and get ready for the new season. We dont know much more than that about viruses/exosomes. Certainly no one has ever managed to prove they get into cells nor that they are contagious, using the cochs postulates.
      Lots of Love from UK

    • if the virus was real and dangerous they wouldn’t need to fake the numbers, and the symptoms of those in 5g areas wouldn’t match radiation sickness. it’s just a front for rolling out their agenda but don’t be surprised if they do release something real soon.

    • @Nikki mind you, there is also laboratory virus manipulation for the purpose of making very dangerous viruses. However, Judy Mikovits, who worked on the ebola virus then on the corona virus i believe before the practice was made illigal in the us and the lab was transported to Wuhan, explains how damn impossible it was to make a virus contagious. But who knows what can be done?

  10. I SAY THIS EVERYTIME!! I am not a lovey dovey type of person. …Usually. There are no other words, I LOVE DR MORSE! more than anything, I TRUST HIM! There’s not too many people I can honestly say that about and feel certain that I wont be regretting, having trusted. I just know it internally.

  11. Yay!!! Those videos bring me Joy. I’m going raw in two weeks I promise x

  12. Has anyone here taken Dr. Morse’s training’s? If so, is the training thorough enough to deal directly with clients with serious health issues? In essence do you feel competent enough to start a business and deal directly with clients without sounding unknowledgeable? Thanks.

  13. I have a dear friend that has been diagnosed with Amydoidosis Al. Does anybody know if Dr. Morse has done a video that deals with this? Thanks in advance.

  14. It’s not letting me watch this video. It’s saying No stream Tap to retry.

  15. What can I do for dizziness/vertigo/brain fog ???

    Also I get really nervous/anxietywhen it comes to sex ,,, my heart feels like it’s going to explode,,,is that adrenals?

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