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16 Comments on How to raise children healthy and mind vs. awareness”

  1. i hope i go to fruit heaven!

  2. Dr Robert looks great

  3. He is anti-aging when you look at his previous videos! Always impressive, that Dr. Morse. Thank you! He’s also looking more slim so on a detox possibly? Great stuff.

  4. Specter_IG channel // 28th June 2020 at 4:54 am //

    God bless Dr.morse and thanks

  5. CPS Conscious Survivor Vlog- Annym Awakening // 28th June 2020 at 5:08 am //

    Moms & dads, there is NO need to tell anyone what you’re doing with your babies, especially in this day & age! Either shake your head in agreement with these allopathic docs, while consciously healing your babies until you can get out of their system OR Know your natural birthrights & how to stand, by overstanding living in the private v public, correct your status-(You are NOT a federal US 14th amendment citizen), & learn to create & operate a Common Law Private Business Trust to protect ALL your property, which includes your prodigies! This is the path I’ve been led to recently, after detoxing via fruit fasts, etc. I hope this info can help others! Thank you Dr. Morse for shining your Light so I could find mine! I wish I could complete all of your classes! Sending you ALL love & light!

    • yes absolute sovereignty is our birthright
      homebirth is the only protection for the mom and baby – delay cutting the cord – research how to get out of the birth certificste xoxo to all the pregnant mums❤️

    • I’m heading down this path as well. Mostly studying and trying to work out the right path. I understand the concept an have hours of time involved. What would be your recommendation for starting this process? From my studies a good start would be correcting one’s status via the passport. Any thoughts?

  6. 49:40 and what you inject into your blood… and radiation… and social emotional effects

  7. I’m 9 months pregnant, Dr Morse. Perfect timing.

  8. Distilled water for CKD stage 5? I bought a reverse osmosis machine a few months back but quite acidic

  9. I’ve watched hundreds of Dr. Morse’s videos over the last 8 years, this is one of the best ones ever, he covers everything in this one and it’s just barely over an hour long, awesome video Dr. Morse, thank you!!!

  10. I’ve needed to hear this! Thank you!

  11. Formless, Consciousness, Awareness; Embrace it-Love it-Knowing it liberates Our True Being. This we teach our young children and they too are on track… I wish our parents would have taught us these things when we were children.

  12. ❤️❤️❤️ your compassion and caring is so beautiful. Thank you for everything you are doing and have done for humanity. I am just now discovering you. So grateful!

  13. Thank you for speaking from the heart. So many people feel the love.

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