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Introduction to Iridology and Eye Reviews

Introduction to Iridology and Eye Review


20:55 — Kedra — I have a great deal of acidosis, lots of aches and pains mostly on my right side. Low back pain, stiffness, Ruptured disc L4-L5 and C6-C7. I have intermittent right shoulder and knee pain. Recently my right hip is hurting and popping.

25:04 — Nick — I've been detoxing about 12 months on apples, but I don't really see changes in my eyes.

29:41 — First Set — Brown, cocaine use for over 10 years. At the beginning he was doing every day or every other day. Now it's 10 to 15 days. Second set- 2nd cataract, brain fog, tired mentally, sinus, no tonsils, cannot lose weight, born with a prolapse valve, torn ligament and some cervical problems.

36:54 — Kevin — 22-year-old male. Following a raw food diet now for 3 years. At first was more on nuts, seeds, and greens. I've moved to fruits, berries, and melons. What is the yellow stuff in my eyes? Is it sulfur? What's the brown speck on my eye?

40:00 — Maylynn — I've been detoxifying off and on now for 2 years. It's been rough and had some setbacks.

44:01 — Lana/Josh — My boyfriend and I are sending you eye pictures and we are hoping you can review them in your videos. Josh is a 34-year old male with blue eyes. I'm a 34-year-old female with brown eyes. (I think)

52:21 — Brian — 68-year-old with chronic fatigue syndrome, cataracts and BPH, among other issues, and limited financial resources. My health has been bad for the last 15 years.

58:50 — Jeff — About a year ago I had a nervous breakdown and was put on tons of meds. I have gotten off all the meds but synthroid and would love to get off that too and get my Thyroid working again.

1:02:47 — Sharon — Started your detox and have been feeling well but clearly am not healed. According to my doctors, I have lupus, lyme, bartonella, and a weak heart

1:06:14 — For about the last couple months I've had extreme bloodshot eyes. Prior to this, I'd been experimenting with coffee enemas and liver cleansing. The coffee enemas gave me relief for a while but eventually caused headaches and extreme tightness in the left rear side of my neck.

1:13:35 — Josh — 34-year-old. I used to play sports, lift weights in my teens and 20's and consumed massive amounts of fast food, whey protein, animal protein, and dairy. I partied a lot, smoked, and drank beer for over 15 years so I wasn't feeling very good either. I started to gain weight and my hair started turning grey and thinning.

1:23:05 — Lina — I am 46. I have been overweight for about 9 years now and nothing I do helps. Prior to this I was always pretty thin. I'm going bananas! I have trouble going up the stairs my knees hurt, I can't walk for long because my feet will start to hurt. If I stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, my low back just kills. I have to sit for hours to feel better.

1:31:00 — Benjamin — What do you think of my eyes?

1:35:53 — Mike — I definitely see mucus in my urine, but its not at the levels as in your pictures on your desk. I have only seen those levels of mucus twice, and both times came from when I cheated with meat and rice. I'm currently on my 20th day of a 40 day orange fast.

1:40:43 — Emily — I wanted to hear your take on these eyes from 2 different cases. Only have one set.

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  1. Awesome class!!! Thanks!

  2. thanks for the reading . ill try to get better pictures…BTW you were right on….love to you all

  3. Off the chain! Great video. Thank you so much!!!

  4. you sir are incredible!!! a wealth of knowledge:)

  5. this is the most fascinating thing ever! wow wtf lol

  6. Beyond fascinating! Thank you so much for these videos! 🙂

  7. You’re so cool Dr. Morse!!
    Thank you for sharing your awesome knowledge 🙂

  8. Love this video… Great to come back to…..

  9. Eyes definitely change. For anyone who doesn’t think so needs to pay attention more and actually look at their eyes. Example to follow but 1st..
    I went to see one of these drs when I was 23 as a tag along with my dad. I’ve never heard of such a silly thing before…But sure enough he sat there and told me things and that if I didn’t change my life style soon I’d be in trouble. And guess what..10 years later I’m chronically ill, out of work and bedridden. But the dr surprisingly told me in detail about my bowel issues. He also told me that I had cysts on my ovaries. I said no but my sister does. Weeks later I had to have an operation because of a difficult pregnancy and had multiple huge cysts on my overies to the point they thought my daughter was actually in one of the cysts! That to me is enough proof.

    Also I have been having severe intestinal issues. I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday. They night before I went in and I was watching these videos I had these 2 really dark brown spots on my eyes. Never noticed then before ever and I was looking at my eyes a few weeks ago. After my procedure I noticed the dots have shrunk and are now a very light brown! Crazy. What does it mean..I don’t know. That’s why I’m watching these videos, other than the fact that this guy is awesome and a genius! !

    • Hey, I’m really sorry to hear about your chronic issues. Did the colonoscopy find anything?  I ask because I too have intestinal problems (IBS), and my colonoscopy showed that nothing was wrong and that I must learn to live with my symptoms.  I’m thinking of seeing an iridologist but I wasn’t sure how legit it was. Your story is fascinating if true!

    • dr hypnotized you.

  10. This is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to educate people Robert. It’s much appreciated.

  11. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your work! It helps a lot!

  12. “The Eyes are the monitor of the hard drive.” Simple, yet so profound. Thank you very much.

    • +David B Very poetic i agree but is there any real science behind this? Please link any peer reviewed studies that demonstrate the value of iridology in the diagnosis of medical conditions.

    • You must study this on yourself. I’m amazed at the accuracy of this technique about my own body and ailment. Every thing that I feel on my body is reflected in my eyes. Few things I don’t feel directly but I think it’s because of my limited knowledge to link them correctly to some condition.

    • No obviously it’s not actually real…the only “science” for it…is the creator breaking an owls leg and saying it made a brown streak in its eye that went white as it healed…

      It’s absolute pseudoscience having no worth or merit as a diagnostic tool.

  13. I’ve heard that you can get different readings based on where the light is situated/shadows located. I would like to get into this field or at least learn more but is a lot of it subjective? I am heading more and more to 80% Fruitarian…. Keep banging the wellness drum Dr Morse

  14. Absolutely AMAZING!! Just….. WOW!!!

  15. You are an angel ♥

  16. Thank you Dr. Morse, great as always. PS Isnt there also people with black eyes? May the Morse be with ya all.

  17. Can anyone please tell me how young Dr. Robert Morse ?! Searched the web for 20 minutes couldn’t find anything. Just curious

  18. Doc thats the same thing Ive been saying for years ( God is my teacher – I just cantt word it as good as you !!! You da man

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