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19 Comments on Killing With Chemotherapy With Robert Morse N.D. Part One

  1. Hi I have Bacterial meningitis how can i get healthy again
    Thank u

  2. Ha ha Moose Jaw is in Saskatchewan, not Alaska. Just FYI

  3. Knowledge is powerful and very light weight.

  4. But besides lemons/limes. Arn’t in general… Fruits acidic???

  5. No. There are acid fruits like oranges, grapefruits, pineapple… There R sub-acid fruits: pear, apple, apricot… Sweet fruits: banana, persimmons, mango… & sub-sweet fruits: plum, nectarine, peach… But the acid & sub-acid fruits have an alkalizing effect when mixed with the body chemistry (saliva, gastric juice).

  6. Dr Morse I tried to rid myself of Hep “c” for many years with natural methods (including the master cleanse) nothing worked and finally I took a years worth of interferon and that finally cleared it (2 yrs now). My question is…are some drugs beneficial (they seemed to have helped me)?

  7. There are no drugs and never will be. Just use MMS or CDS and you get rid of Hepatitis A,B,C in 4 weeks – 100% with no side effects.

  8. yes me too Wendy Campbell .. was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 2 1/2 years ago !! Im doing very well !!! GOD IS magnificent!!!

  9. The mainstream medical community has brainwashed people into thinking drugs ,surgery and or chemo is the only way to fight disease ( which only really destroys human cells).

  10. My brother survived lung cancer- was supposed to die seven years ago because they over radiated him at rochester. He walked away and started eating raw fruits and some kinda mushrooms and is living and working again.

  11. which mushroom? chaga?

  12. where can we make an appointment with you?

  13. You tell them DOC!!!!!

  14. medicinal mushrooms I bet, like reishi and chaga

  15. energy healing.

  16. Chemotherapy damages  the DNA of  healthy cells    even  cancer can’t do that    but  that  is  what  causes   cancer to  begin  with.     

  17. mickton shrimpton // 2nd April 2015 at 7:06 pm //

    chemo huh?? its like trying to put out a fire with a flamethrower,,

  18. I came here to witness the beginning of a true hero.

  19. I seriously love this man with all my heart

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