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19 Comments on Killing With Chemotherapy With Robert Morse N.D. Part Two

  1. how come there is no comments about this clip i wonder

  2. I have been an oncology nurse and in our update day I asked if any of the treatments were safe to use and I was told no, not one. I got sick of seeing people die, so I don’t do nursing at the moment. Hats off to you Dr Morse, may you keep going and going…;)

  3. Robert, your right, Natural medicine should be called conventional medicine. And chemotherapy and radiation should be called alternative medicine. It is for me now.

  4. Dr. Morse, I see your passion for helping people come in different ways emotionally. When addressing the state of our society, everyone has the right to feel angry and disturbed about the atrocities that happen continually in the medical field. It is hard to watch this video because you, rightfully, have an angry tone from start to finish. I’m glad I’ve watched you evolve in this YouTube thing. Your compasionate, graceful, and loving side is so penetrating when you connect directly with us. Thx!

  5. The single greatest clip on Youtube!

  6. 1:30 Genetics
    2:05 WHO – genocide
    2:50 Empowerment
    3:55 Cancer survival rates
    4:38 Fix causes
    5:23 Butchery
    5:55 Clean body’s waste system

  7. Awesome, if you could do this for more of his videos I’m going to love you to death!!

  8. Got a friend doing something similar but separate from the Youtube videos. Between us we will probably transfer to the videos. 8)

  9. I cured my 10+ years of alcoholism and deep depression with a transition to raw foods and in particular raw organic cold pressed JUICES, wow. Chemical medicine is NOT the way.

  10. Respect bro! Love ya 🙂

  11. Thanks, means alot. 5 years into this i still struggle with the reality of the current worldwide healthcare system and what it promotes, it’s insane.

  12. How does one make a consultation with you?

  13. Wow, so true!  Everything Dr. Morse said is so true.  It hurts me so much to hear of people suffering from chemotherapy/ radiation that I actually go into a depressed state.  Once you learn about natural healing you won’t EVER consider allopathic medicine.  The world shall wake up once and for all, with the help from those that teach us, trying to keep us alive and healthy.

    • Yes… It is SO very sad. A very beloved man in my church ( just. 43) passed away –cancer/long term chemo– last week. 3.5 years of this and a high meat diet. Horrific.

  14. Dr. Morse is right. Chemo is very toxic. My daughter died of it as a baby.
    I was diagnosed with cancer and used alternative medicine instead of chemo. It was a lot of changes, but worth it. I thank God for this natural therapy.

  15. Love for the people!

  16. Than god for people like you!

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