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Man Refuses Chemo and Cures His Bladder Cancer Within 2 Yrs by Taking Cannabis Oil and Essiac Tea

Trevor Smith is man at the age of 54. On July 2012, suddenly and unexpectedly, Smith was diagnosed with stage T2a bladder cancer. Namely, the cancer had spread to the inner part of his bladder muscles and the doctors were not much optimistic. The doctors estimated that Trevor had at most, 2.5 years to live even if he accepted treatment and if he did not only 2 years.

Harsh Treatment

Smith explains that the treatment options were extremelysevere: doctors suggested to remove his entire prostate, bladder and lymph nodes, but also a part of his intestines in order to create neobladder from them so that he could pass urine.

In addition to all these surgeries, he would also have to endure both chemotherapy and radiation.

Trevor says that he was never told about his supposed chances of survival. Still, he was informed that most probably he would be incontinent for up to a year and he would have to deal with reoccurring infections. Moreover, he would be impotent for the remainder of his life.

Looking For An Alternative

Carol, Trevor’s wife, did not want to accept those severe treatment options the doctors had offered or the life expectancy odds.

Carol wrote post on Cure Your Own Cancer, where she explains that she decided to do some detailed research about this issue. Carol told the doctors that she and her husband wanted a little time to investigate the situation and search for some different treatment options and healing modalities, they cautioned against it which is not surprisingly.

In fact, as Carol explains, they became quite aggressive, and advised her and her husband that they have already had set the date and that are only prolonging the inevitable.

“We felt like we were being railroaded into the surgery far too fast and we needed to slow it down a little so we could have time to digest everything. Something was screaming at me to take some time before making this radical decision” wrote Carol.

Overcoming Your Worst Fear

This is quite common scenario for many cancer patients. We must agree that the word cancer is huge. As a matter of fact, this disease invokes all kinds of emotions but mostly fear. The cancer makes, both patients and their loved ones, really confused, and that make them to turn to their doctors for guidance.

Doctors have only one way to deal with cancer: traditional surgery, drug and radiation way. This does not always bode well for all patients.

Despite the fear, Carol and Trevor did not let the shock to dictate their decisions, and stood firm and found a naturopathic doctor who was open to looking at alternative treatments and guide them through the entire process. This process includes monitoring the blood tests and helping to correctly incorporate a new diet, add the necessary supplements and vitamins into Trevor’s treatment plan.

Taking a Natural Approach To Cancer

During the period when Trevor was monitoring his health using conventional tests such as MRIs and other scans to determine if the alternative methods were working or not, he had never lost faith in what he was doing.

-Herbs and Supplements

Trevor began to use supplements. He was utilizing Essiac tea, which is named by Rene Caisse (“Caisse” spelt backwards), a Canadian nurse who had discovered incredible natural herbal formula that she used to cure cancer in her clinic in Toronto, Ontario from 1934 to 1942.

In addition to that, Trevor started to take mega doses of vitamins C, D3, B17 and K2. After that, he added Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is hormone that comes from the adrenal gland and helps to build the immune system back so that the body could heal itself.

-Dietary Changes

In combination with the supplements, his diet also required significant changes. First step was to completely eliminate the sugar intake. Moreover, Trevor had to eliminate all dairy, white flour and all processed food. Trevor only eats fresh fruits, vegetables and leafy greens and very small amounts of chicken and fish.

-Cannabis Oil

About one year later, Trevor began to utilize cannabis oil as a part of his treatment.

Namely, Carol had watched a movie “Run from the Cure”, which is documentary about medicinal hemp oil. Unfortunately, they could not get any of it as of where they lived at the time, but as soon as they were able to get some, they eagerly added it to Trevor’s regime.

according to the Derby Telegraph, Trevor said: “It felt like I was going into the unknown, but the cannabis oil changed things for the better. When doctors told me I had gone into remission, I was lost for words.”

Even though the cannabis oil is not “new” alternative treatment, it has certainly caused a lot of controversy (the Rick Simpson story).

Still, the researchers for the US government now claim that cannabinoids, which is active ingredients in cannabis, has the ability to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Health researcher on the US government’s website wrote: “Studies in mice and rats have shown that cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells.”

Free From Cancer

Despite the fact that the studies continue to discover and debate about the efficacy ofcannabis oil, Trevor or Carol know its effect on the cancer.

Trevor was completely cancer-free by the time Carol wrote her post in August 2014, which is about 19 months after his diagnosis.

In her post, Carol wrote: “[It] is shocking that we are led to believe that there is no cure for cancer; our story is living proof there is another way, and I am now consumed with only getting the word out that Cancer does not need to mean death”.


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