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Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You to Know About This Cheap Cure: 76% of Cancer Cells Can Be Killed in Just 24 Hours

Lot of conspiracy theories about medical frauds have proven to be true over the period of several years.

The UK Medical Journal has published a scientific study that proves one such theory-chemotherapy is killing rather than curing.
The life of cancer patients has been observed by Dr. Hardin B. Jones, medical professor for physics and physiology at the University of California for the past 25 years and found out that chemotherapy is in fact useless. Not only that, but patients who undergo chemo die faster in excruciating pain. The worst part is, it’s all done knowingly.

Cancer is a treatable disease, and the treatments that actually do help are not expensive at all and more importantly they aren’t toxic and don’t cause any side-effects. Many people who chose natural treatment and skipped chemo have successfully cured the disease.
In a study conducted by Researchers from the University of Kentucky on grapes seed extract it was discovered that this extract can successfully destroy up to 76 percent of leukemia cells in 24 hours in laboratory conditions. While chemo gets more useless as the illness progresses, the extract does the opposite – when the disease becomes more aggressive, the extract gets more effective. Plus, the extract doesn’t affect healthy cells.

Moli Deriod from the laboratory at the University of Colorado also confirmed that the extract from grape seeds destroys cancer and stated the following:

“It takes double lower concentration extract for destruction of 50 percent cancer cells and controls their growth in the fourth stage than in the second stage of cancer. The chemo hits certain mutation and due to its progress there comes to a number of other mutations. Because of this, resistance to chemo is happening as result. Opposite to that, the bioactive components of the grape seeds extract can affect on larger number of mutations. If there are more mutations present, the extract will be more effective. For some time now we are aware that the bioactive substances from the seeds of grape selectively are destroying most types of cancer.

This study had shown that the numerous mutations make cancer resistant to chemo but are more sensitive to the treatment of grape seed extract in period of 24 hours. However it is interesting that the pharmaceutical industry continues to declare that cancer is incurable disease, although science discovered new discoveries which are showing that cancer can equally be treated as any other disease, but only if it is not treated with aggressive methods, just with natural methods which are hidden from the public eye.”


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