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23 Comments on Pushed into Chemotherapy

  1. My love just recieved a few weeks ago from an emergency room doctor, notice that he has six months to live with metistacic melanoma which developed five new tumors  in his brain found in a cat scan with symptoms that brought us there. He has outlived his doctor’s timeline for death with Dr. Morse’s help over the last few years. The rest of his body is riddled with tumors also. I am actually grateful for this newest development because he had not been on the program 100%, now he is on a grape fast and soon his newest herbal protocol. We did a wide sweep of options in alternative medicine and with prayer recieved confirmation that Dr. Morse was the one who would help us. Listen carefully to this video, he speaks truth and bless all of you who are also deep in doubt about which way to turn.

  2. Omg…he said “Jesus Juice” Lmfao!

  3. Very focused. Probably one of your best. Please keep doing these one topic videos. Thanks.

  4. Such a sympatic Man 🙂

  5. I always naively thought doctors were miracle workers. When I was a child, my father told me that our family doctor got cancer and died, It was a shock for me b/c I thought doctors were the masters of health so how was it that he was unable to cure himself? 5 months ago, I developed a severe case of cystic acne. It was extremely painful and unsightly. My doctor was ready to prescribe me all sorts of meds, antibiotics and accutane. Lucky I already did some research and told her that none of these things would help. That in the long term, they would do me more harm than good. She looked at me strangely and said, “What? Of course they work!”. I left empty handed of course. When I asked another doctor, a family friend. She told me that food had nothing to do with acne so eating healthier wouldn’t make a difference. She recommended I use topical treatments instead. I wanted to laugh! How can a doctor say that? I’m no scientist but that made absolutely no sense. From this experience alone, I learned first-hand that doctors are NOT health practitioners. After researching for literally 100s of hours, I came to the same absolute conclusion you mentioned. What you put in is what you get out; this is basic physics! I’m currently on a high fruit/plant based diet. I’m taking the tinctures and herbs from your site and I am finally healing.. Thank you Dr. Morse.

    • +pkandylive I was the same way. It’s like we’re all indoctrinated to believe certain things. Allopathic medicine is no different. I also thought doctors were miracle workers. It’s almost like doctors are treated like gods and goddesses. Thankfully, after spending a long time reading, and learning from natural healers like Morse, my mind was unlocked.
      The sad part is that most people still have locked minds. My family doubted me,  and called Morse a quack. They didn’t even research ANYTHING about the diet, or even the lymphatic system. Even after I told them about my health ailments, they still didn’t believe me. Well, it’s a couple months later and the lymph bumps in my head area are finally dissolving and the hair loss in that area is also going away! The hair is growing back! In a couple months, I’m pretty sure that all of my health problems will be a thing of the past. I’ll finally have my life back!

    • +carloctave I’m glad to hear that you are healing. During my progress, my family and friends also doubted me. They thought I’ve gone crazy eating fruits and plants only. It didn’t help that I also experienced some crazy side effects from the detox where my skin actually got a lot worse before it got better. But I totally understand you when you say “I’m pretty sure that all of my health problems will be a thing of the past. I’ll finally have my life back!”. Feels good right? 🙂

    • could you update us?:D currently on 100% fruit to heal my acne and eczema as well!!

  6. This makes way too much sense to be true, lol!

  7. Fantastic…..Love you Dr. Morse….can’t wait to meet you in person and your staff…:)

  8. Actually, If people look up “Death by Medicine” on-line, they can see the statistics of deaths caused by following your medical doctors’ advice that Dr. Morse refers to. It is based on only 20 percent of reported incidents and in 2004 there were nearly 800,000 deaths. If you multiply that by 5 to estimate the number of deaths if all incidents were reported, you’d have been looking at over one percent of the population of our country died following the advice of their doctor.

    I thought Burzinsky had an 80 percent success rate with Anti-neoplastin therapy when it came to brain cancer. With that said, having discovered Dr. Morse years ago and watched practically all his videos, I’d do Dr. M’s program first in a heartbeat — before any others.

  9. Can you do a video on natural birth control?

  10. One brave video to put out.
    Thank you.
    You are one grand Angle.
    People with intellect and deep thinkers appreciate this video to share with others.

  11. I love how your videos are always so uplifting!!! Any time im down your vids pick me up!!!!

  12. I watch all of your videos, this one is a very important one. I admire your passion and your energy levels, you must be doing something very right.

  13. I have fallen in Love with you. Will you Marry me?

  14. Love you Dr. Morse. Practiced as an oncology nurse for a few years and absolutely everything you’re saying is spot on. If people understood the realities and the “efficacy” (lack thereof) of chemotherapy, no one would do it. I’ve seen far too many wonderful people die under the false promises of chemo. I wouldn’t allow my family or friends to undergo chemo after seeing what I have. It’s awful, barbaric, and entirely ineffective. Thankfully my views on medicine evolved and I practice and preach natural medicine and true prevention in my personal life. I have overcome 2 health conditions I was told were lifelong and was on medication for many for. My personal philosophy is to steer clear of allopathic doctors and the western medicine model if I want to stay healthy 🙂 Cheers, and thank you for your videos.

    • +Catherine Thank you SO much for backing what Dr Morse says, Catherine. You have had personal experience, and that goes a LONG, long way to helping people realize that what he says is NO LIE. You are obviously very awake so thanks for all your contributions to helping heal people and get them better! You will be one of the more Conscious Nurses, thank goodness! There is hope then.

  15. Superb video. Every man and his dog should watch this. Your videos have me enthused from start to finish.

  16. Best video I have ever watched! Thank you ❤️

  17. I wish I had found this before chemo. I have done 4 rounds. I know it’s not right. You probably just saved my life.

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