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Q&A 117-1 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

In This Viedo:

– Heal All Plant (Facebook)
– Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
– Chronic Fatigue/Osteoarthritis
– Chicken Skin
– Undescended Testicle
– Chronic Otitis Media
– Detoxing Radiation
– Depression/Anxiety
– Chronic Dandruff
– GI Broom/Lemonade Fast
– Horsetail
– Dr.Oz & Protein
– Keeping Muscles
– Zeolite
– Large UT Fibroids
– PH Confusion
– 10 Year Old Brain Damage
– Stuttering
– Experiment With Herbs
– Joshua's Experience
– Pain
– Distilling Water
– Kidney Pain
– Plantain
– Teeth & Canker Sores
– Message to Vegan Princess

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19 Comments on Q&A 117-1 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

  1. you give the best advice ever for all your viewers.. you give us all hope!! thank you!!
    we love u!! 🙂

  2. Hello Thank you for making this videos! I have an off the beaten path question, when exercising mainly anaerobically (short weight lifting bouts, and sprints) creatine gets depleted. Besides consuming the amino acids that the body converts to creatine, what are the other options. Take care and peace!

  3. Whats your take on root canals? I have 2, no problems with them but need another one done under a crown (cavity under). Better to pull teeth?what do you put in in place of tooth?

  4. What about no menstural cycles on raw diet. Been over 5 years or me and think I should have cycles ight. Clean eating does not mean no more cycles correct? What formula would kick my cycles back in?

  5. Hi Dr Morse I have a question about glandulars because I was reading somewhere that adrenal glandulars are ok for mild adrenal fatigue but not for severe cases. What’s your take on this? How can you tell if it’s severe anyway? Glad to see you back again in the driving seat 😉

  6. Good Question! I want to know this too.

  7. I’m gonna go searching again for you on fb but haven’t been able to find. Could someone please let me know. What name to go under?:-)

  8. Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D

  9. The Good Doctors Facebook page… Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D

  10. The supplement Bioastin astaxanthin helped my fathers osteoarthritis pain greatly.
    Worked dramatically within 20 mins of consumption of 8mg.

  11. Latest health news-
    ‘Probable link’ between packaging coating and cancer, say scientists

  12. Niacin never worked with my 10 years of deep depression and alcoholism. ONLY the freshly extracted organic juices and a general dietary overhaul with lots of fruits and vegetables CURED ME in several months, i guess a total health regeneration of sorts took about one year. My god i can’t believe how toxic our world us and it is killing us. Is this deliberate ? I’m starting to think it is, troubling !! Time to rise up and end this insanity !

  13. Dr. Morse,
    When I was in a car accident 6 years ago, the E.R. doctor put me through full body x-rays 3 times and then an MRI.
    Since then, I have developed pretty serious neuropathy, to the point where I can hardly walk now. I’m afraid to go to a doctor for blood work, because I’d have to go to a free clinic, and I don’t trust medicine and what they might try to force on me! Could that bombardment of toxins and radiation have anything to do with numbness through the whole body?

  14. 00:01 Greetings
    01:19 Heal All Tea
    02:00 Chronic Pain
    08:15 Chicken Skin
    09:01 Undesended Testicle
    10:27 Chronic Otitis Media
    11:02 Detoxing Radiation
    12:10 Thermography vs MRI
    13:25 Depression & Anxiety

  15. Rise like lions after slumper
    In unvanquishable number
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you
    Ye are many; they are few.

  16. Any one tried the Noboremed Secrets (just search it on google)? I have heard many amazing things about this popular skin disease home remedy.

  17. Huge fan of the Doc, but I think he gives the general public way too much credit. This country is so dumbed down that the AMA, FDA, and all the other alphabet agencies know that the people won’t rise up against them. The system provides the people with just enough creature comforts to keep their anger in check. People are angry enough to complain, but complacent and comfortable enough to stay in check. In this day and age most people will never find the courage to stand up for themselves.

  18. Please update this video on advice for Fukushima radiation. Most people are unaware that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors went into full meltdown, exploded and many of those fuel rods landed all over the place and into the Pacific Ocean. The oceans are highly contaminated now (especially the Pacific) and is the main reason for the mass die-offs we are seeing around the world. Seaweeds would not be a good choice anymore. We don’t know where it comes from, but still, no ocean is safe to eat out of anymore. Understand too that Reactors 3 & 4 were using MOX (mixed-oxide) fuel! This is a cover-up on a grand scale. You are not going to get the truth from TV, MSM, academics or governments. Fukushima, on-going since 3/11/11. Please look up Dana Durnford. He was given 6 gag orders. He has been working non-stop on this very topic for well over 5 years straight. Please support him. He is doing this for the entire planet.

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