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Q&A 117-2 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

In This Video:

Q&A 117

– Heal All Plant (Facebook)
– Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
– Chronic Fatigue/Osteoarthritis
– Chicken Skin
– Undescended Testicle
– Chronic Otitis Media
– Detoxing Radiation
– Depression/Anxiety
– Chronic Dandruff
– GI Broom/Lemonade Fast
– Horsetail
– Dr.Oz & Protein
– Keeping Muscles
– Zeolite
– Large UT Fibroids
– PH Confusion
– 10 Year Old Brain Damage
– Stuttering
– Experiment With Herbs
– Joshua's Experience
– Pain
– Distilling Water
– Kidney Pain
– Plantain
– Teeth & Canker Sores
– Message to Vegan Princess

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16 Comments on Q&A 117-2 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

  1. Dr.Morse I cannot watch your video until I find out why my youtube will not let me:(see you asap !

  2. you’re not the only one. i can’t watch it either. It’s something on his video.

  3. I am using Google Chrome…no problems here.

  4. yes, working now.

  5. It’s strange how our heart just knows! Alot of things that i wonder about health wise & spiritually I’ll get on youtube &hear you talking about it, sometimes the very same day ! Thank you so much & I promise to help others whenever i can.At times I think i come across too bluntly when i try to help others but i am getting better everyday 🙂

  6. I just tried to order you heal all tea to have shipped to ontario, canada. Natures botanical website says there is no quote for this area.. not sure how to solve this problem.
    thanks for sharing such valuable info to all us utubers..

  7. With nuts and seeds, are they not pointless ?? ie- they cannot be digested by the human body ? Of course sprouted nuts and seeds would be more likely to digest. I know i personally cannot digest nuts and even sprouted beans and legumes do not digest. For me the jury is out on nut and seed consumption for health.

  8. Dr Morse I REALLY NEED YOUR INPUT on the following.
    I do endurance sports (not bad for a former alcoholic and manic depressive eh?)
    Anyway i have been looking at consuming this VITARGO product during events. It is derived from barley starch, can you check it out and give me your thoughts. What fuel would be best for say a 3 -5 hour event ? Thanks, keep up the great work !
    Heal yourself, heal the world !!!

  9. Wow, so true DrMorse. From 14.06 ‘those of you who are getting healthier are starting the FEEL THE JOY’ this is so true. I’m spreading the message and being a local healer. I’m practising as a nutritionist and people are desperate to reclaim their health from a chemical system they trusted.

  10. WOW that’s a hell of a fast ! AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH good one!

  11. I love nuts, never noticed a problem with them

  12. 00:01 Depression & Anxiety (Cont)
    01:26 Comment for Dr Morse
    02:12 Viruses & Culturing Medium
    04:15 Chronic Dandruff
    07:57 MS & Misc
    09:13 Resubmit Questions
    10:02 OBT
    11:45 GI Broom & Lemonade Fast
    13:26 God & OBT
    14:39 Horsetail

  13. You’re a cutie pie:-)

  14. That sounds like an insulate, which the good Dr would say to ditch. Once you’ve gone through detox your body will automatically have bounds of energy just on fruit. Bananas and dates would be good fuel. But for an edge, some pro footballers are now taking Velvet antler, and certain Soviet Olympic athletes used a medicinal mushroom called Chaga, as well as Chinese athletes using another called Cordyceps. The Vikings feed on Rhodiola root for stamina and endurance. Play around with them.

  15. Thanks, i am well aware of the benefits of adaptogenic herbs, rhodiola and cordyceps are my favourites. I also love bananas and dates but just feel when running for several hours i need more. Just recently i have been doing really well on fruits alone, which is interesting as i just went through further detoxing, and i have been raw and juicing for 4 years.

  16. Thats the type of stuff we need to tap into, Doc!

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