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Q&A 118-5 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

In This Video:

Q&A 118

-Pain In Scapula
-Adrenals Controls Kidneys
-Coconut Oil
-Connection to Bone Marrow
-Bloated Belly
-Cervical Cancer
-Medical Doctors are Life Savers
-Nut Allergy
-Cysts In Head
-Foods For Endurance
-Juice Fast
-How Much Water
-Dr. Mercola's Comments
-Grains Good or Bad
-30 Bananas a Day
-Parasite M and Sweaty Palms
-Nasty Cat Bit
-GI Tract Yeast & Parasites
-Organic Apple Juice
-Rest & Sleep
-Skin Itching
-Dry Skin, Unbearable Pain

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13 Comments on Q&A 118-5 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

  1. How do I get to your facebook page? I can’t seem to find it. Thank-you!

  2. Great Dr.Morse, many thanks for the answer !! For me i don’t need anything other than water for 2 hour runs, if i want to go longer i do feel i need something, some fuel. Banannas can cause me some digestive discomfort. So again i am looking at dates and chia seed,and also blueberries. I’ll let you know how it all goes, if i find something that truly works !

  3. Ha, hey Dr.Morse THANK YOU once again, with regards to my dad’s osteoarthritis. I have him taking kidney tonics the last few months, cordyceps and some other herbs. You mentioned calcium, well my dad also has kidney stones, which one time were SERIOUSLY painful for him, at present he get’s scanned and they are stationary, i am working on this also.
    What are the best herbs for the lymph and are not the juices beneficial for lymph ? I’m still learnign about the lymph. Prostate ok, got it !

  4. And an observation i have made since my dad started taking the kidney tonics is his receeding hairline has been reduced ie- his hair appears to be growing back OR the quality of the hair is now noticably improved.

  5. I got my dad off red meat and dairy, almost 2 years now. My dad looks great for a 62 year old.
    Very young looking and despite his OA he is very fit. My dad has great will power and a very strong constitutiion. I will show him this video Dr.Morse. I’ve helped my dad alot with his health the past few years, he listens to me intently. He had been taking pain reducing drugs like diclofenac and ibuprofen for some time whe he had his OA. At the moment things look fine but i fear for his good hip.

  6. ur bringing ur dad on track, good job 🙂

  7. Hi dr Morse – crazy but interesting thing just happened to me. I had some applejuice apple/grapejuice for lunch and i upon drinking it i got very tired, i just couldnt keep my eyes open. I just sat like a vegetable – not sleeping – but unable to move. uppon beeing able to move noticed more stiffnes in my skin – thyroid i think – and dry fingertips – adrenals maybe? What the hell happened to me? It was unorganic grapes. allergy maybe? im heavily allergic, lyphaticly backed up. no rash thou

  8. Thanks, it’s not been easy, it’s been very hard. Especially in the beginning to deprogramme my mind and then to try and inform others. But somehow i have got there. My dad despite his OA is a picture of pure health as am i. I have a new herbal regimine my dada is on with a few kidney tonics, cordyceps, rhemannia, polygonum, morinda root, eucommina and some others. I think this should help him combined witht he raw foods and juices. Just made him a super juice smoothie for breakfast.

  9. Awesome video!!
    Have a nice day. HUGS

  10. I can’t agree more…I laughed outloud! Love this man.

  11. fantasticpanties // 23rd May 2012 at 4:46 pm //

    I just love this man! He is one of a kind! I am so thankful for all the information he shares for free!
    : )

  12. Another amazing video.Thank U Dr.Morse

  13. You are a life saver Dr.Morse!

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