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Q&A 122-1 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

In This Video:

Q&A 122

-Mineral Needs
-Elevated Pancreas Enzymes
-Detox Always the Answer
-PH of Distilled Water
-Root Canals & Swollen Esophagus
-Genetic Retina
-No Menstrual Cycle on Protein
-Amino Acids/Proteins
-Helping Family/Others
-Tart Vs Sweet Berries
-Itching in Privates
-Overdose of K
-Chronic Fatigue
-Hugh Tonsils
-The Moo Crap
-Fruit Destroy you WBC's

Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club


8 Comments on Q&A 122-1 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

  1. 0:01 Misc
    2:30 Mineral Needs, Chemistry, Be in the Present Moment
    6:35 Misc
    9:09 Pulling yourself away from medical treatment
    10:01 Healing Ulcerations
    11:02 Extreme Acidosis – Ouijabird

  2. thank you so much for what you do, I am learning so much and referring your site to several friends and family.

  3. Looking good doc! Kind of like a rock star movie star combo! Glad to see you looking leaner!

  4. Great stuff Dr.Morse yeah the LESS you do, the more faith you have in the creator the more that is provided for you in life, when you stop resisting the universe, Ha ! Anyway just had breakfast, carrot juice, ginger, lemon/lime, apple juice blended with half an avocado and a tub of blueberries. I also added some organic wheatgrass juice powder. So for me a pretty decent start of the day before my early morning 10 mile run. 😀

  5. a hug and a kiss. i gave Doc a hug and a kiss becuzz he Roks! 🙂

  6. this is out there, but wondering if you have heard of a channeled E.t known as Bashar? There is a vid here on him talking about health. Gives 5 things that if we followed would eliminate 99.999% of diseases.They aren’t anything new but I found it right on. Check it out


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