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Q&A 122-3 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

In This Video:

Q&A 122

-Mineral Needs
-Elevated Pancreas Enzymes
-Detox Always the Answer
-PH of Distilled Water
-Root Canals & Swollen Esophagus
-Genetic Retina
-No Menstrual Cycle on Protein
-Amino Acids/Proteins
-Helping Family/Others
-Tart Vs Sweet Berries
-Itching in Privates
-Overdose of K
-Chronic Fatigue
-Hugh Tonsils
-The Moo Crap
-Fruit Destroy you WBC's

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5 Comments on Q&A 122-3 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

  1. Dear Dr Morse, I have a friend, she has fructose intolerance (according to a breath test). What should she do? she is afraid of eating fruits and since this test, avoid them all.


  3. Thanks a lot for your answer. I will have a look at it 🙂

  4. I have a theory the warnings against fructose are about High Fructose Corn Syrup which is now everywhere in the food supply as a sugar substitute. It is not the same thing at all chemically as is found in fruit and that which is found in fruit also has the necessary enzymes to properly metabolize it and the nutrients to minimize any harmful effect. Dr. Mercola has a very enlightening video on HFCS.

  5. Yes, but the breath test I am referring to is done to find out a fruits intolerance. Nothing to do with the High fructose corn syrup.

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