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Q&A 128-1 Colon Toxicity, Thyroid Nodule, Storing Herbs

In This Video:

Q&A 128

– Pictures of Colon Toxicity
– Thyroid Nodule
– Storing Herbs
– Judgment Vs Opinion
– Laura's Eyes
– Formulas in UK
– Kendra's Schooling
– Sprouted Brown Rice & Pea Protein
– Raw Cacao

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18 Comments on Q&A 128-1 Colon Toxicity, Thyroid Nodule, Storing Herbs

  1. good morning good morning good morning. what a pleasure to wake up to some time listening to this handsome guy.

  2. I agree! 🙂

  3. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 8th June 2012 at 7:37 pm //

    live in the space of that “dimension” beyond thought. behind it all…. the peaceful ocean of clarity and perspective. be there. be the witnessing presence…


  4. Wonderful appointment yesterday. What a loving soul Doc is!

  5. Hello , how can I get some of the good fruit ? Are you a farmer ? Thank you

  6. allstreetcreditraw // 4th August 2012 at 1:23 am //

    i have a non malignant thyroid nodule that was 5.5cm. I have had this for 6 years, i have done a number of things with no success. The most recent thing was grind up watercress/water and put it on the nodule for 30 min my system TOOK OFF. i was talking faster, thinking faster, happier, energized,i wasn’t sluggish! i pooped 20 times (full poops) and the nodule shrunk visibly. I’m 2 scared of the speediness to do it again-can you please tell me how i can shrink this with only food-is now 2.5cm

    • wow, this is really interesting! I recently got diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and I’ve decided to go the natural route. Did you literally just grind up watercress and mix it with water, and put it on the lump? Did you do any raw fruit diet?

  7. where can i find his receipies, ?
    please i heard he can rejuvenate many things including teeth
    but hadnt find any receipe
    can you help me dear windy ?

  8. drmorsesherbalhealthclub [dot] com
    product section

  9. Just found this guy and love him ! He cracks me up too! I also have a Rt side thyroid nodule for some 4 years. Ultrasound, biopsies, blood tests all negative. The area is visibly swollen but has shrunk a bit so I don’t feel it when I swallow. This is first info. ever heard about addressing the lymph system as regards thyroid. I know my GI is toxic and I def. have worsening adrenal fatigue and digestive issues. But I have hope now and a course of action. Thanks Robert and YouTube!

    • Hey, I recently got diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and I’ve decided to go the natural route. Do you discover to have Thyroid cancer after the having done the tests? And if so, have you gone the natural route?

  10. karrine BE Luk Ok Choo // 19th May 2014 at 5:36 pm //

    Hi there, my mum is suffering from stage c Cirrhosis due to hepatitis c that she is now cured of after taking injection and heavy medication. she has other problem such as hypothyroidism, convulsion due to the toxin contained in her body, fluid retention, pace maker, low platelet level. she went through so much and now she is in hospital as her liver is failing to function normally. She is 62 and also a fighter and a will to survive. the Dr say that the last resort is liver transplant that we cannot afford, she is bed ridden for now due to the fluid retention and she ballooned that make her so heavy to walk, and she was the short and medium size woman. i there any chance that she can survive this episode without a transplant? what is the life expectancy of a stage c Cirrhosis? Thank you 

  11. Hi there. Can someone help? I don’t have thyroid issues, but I took for a few days thymus-thyroid tonic from dr. Morse and 1 kelp tablet per day. In two days I started having stress symptoms and wanted to talk all the time. Any ideas what was that?

  12. I just found your videos and will watch. I have three nodules on my thyroid. I am hoping to learn how to heal my thyroid and get rid of the nodules. Both my sister and dad had their thyroids killed with radiation and I do not want to go that route. Thank you for the info! I want to be a holistic doctor I am 37 in Ca were to I start?

    • Hi Joanne, I’m in the same boat. I’m 30 and recently got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and was offered the surgery along with the radioactive drink, and I have decided to go the natural route instead. Have you been following the raw food/ fruit diet? Or one of Dr Morse’s protocols? I’ve been looking for someone who might be going through the same as me

    • Tom Bunney I am just starting out and doing better every day. I really would like to get a hold of this before it becomes more serious. That’s good you are going the natural route. I got Dr Morse’s book the other day and intend to follow his recommendations. I wish you all the best success with it. I do believe it will work if you stick to it as a life style. Keep in touch.

  13. How do you get Lymph to get moving?

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