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Q&A 130-6 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

In This Video:

Q&A 130

– Liver Cancer
– Spiritually Always
– Tonsils Removed
– Prune/Cranberry Juice
– Body Shapes
– Yellow Nails
– Dry Herbs, Vs Tinctures
– Gallbladder Stones
– Unbalanced Hormones
– Eye Sight
– Eczema
– Faintness
– Sulfur/Asparagus Rt
– Advice on Schools
– A.D.D.

Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club


9 Comments on Q&A 130-6 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

  1. Dr.Morse i live in the UK, i currently have a diploma in fitness and
    nutrition which was completed with ICS distance learning. I really enjoyed
    this and learned a bit, but since then, 2007, i have moved on considerably.
    Can you recommend a good distance learning course with regards to health,
    herbs and healing ? Thank you. I was thinking about studying naturopathy
    but it would cost close to £10,000, yes THOUSAND POUNDS to complete the 4
    years. Which i think is ridiculous. 

  2. R.Morse-‘ if you pack the mind full, you’ll be empty’ ! FANTASTIC !! I
    think it is essential to always keep an open mind, have a continual loving
    heart and be aware of your feelings.

  3. my music education is about 5000 euros

  4. Good luck !! 

  5. only have 1 year to go and will have no dept in the end so im happy :P

  6. I love your enthusiasm. I know you love what you do. 

  7. Cool, yeah, debt, a system of debt, really it’s inescapable, but i know
    what you mean. Rock on ? :-D

  8. MotherNatureHeals // 2nd July 2012 at 2:11 pm //

    Dr. Morse, quick question. In your response to the 21 year old who is 6’1″
    you mention due to his height, you know pituitary is involved. Can you
    explain further? What is the “normal range” of height for men & women? When
    is the pituitary suspected? Thank you again for all your awesome wisdom!!!

  9. did you heal your adrenals without herbs?thanks

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