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Q&A 139 – Kinefelters Syndrome, Juvenile Arthritis, Depression

Q&A 139

– Spirituality of the Now
– Kinefelter's Syndrome
– Juvenile Arthritis
– Pets & Grapes
– Depression
– Water Retention
– Bloated
– Dark Circles Under Eyes
– Stage 3 Brian Cancer
– Fermentation Good/Bad
– Becoming a Healer

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18 Comments on Q&A 139 – Kinefelters Syndrome, Juvenile Arthritis, Depression

  1. Vitamin D3

  2. Dr.Morse or anyone else, are non alcohol tinctures usually made with glycerine still worth taking or are they rather inert compared to the alcohol versions ? I believe some if not all non alcohol tinctures are made by extracting the herb with alcohol then the alcohol is removed, i am assuming consuming non alcohol tinctures would still be beneficial. Thanks to all.

  3. TO ZORRO, i was a manic depressive my entire adult life, 10+ years which spiralled into alcoholism, i tried EVERYTHING…listen to Dr.Morse. For me transitioning to the raw foods and in particular the JUICES saved my life. Amazing results in three months. You have to ditch the refined sugar, white bread, gluten, gmo’s, artificial additives/sweetners. Get on the JUICES (organic if poss) ASAP and just consume regularly, eventually you WILL see and FEEL the benefits and you’ll never look back !!

  4. It’s such an insane world, where the mainstream treatment for cancer is chemotherapy, the agents themselves are highly toxic and carcinogenic, we inject this into people with cancer ? WHAT.. furthermore we have THOUSANDS of studies that repeatedly show the powerful ANTI-CANCER benefits of fruits and vegetables, broccolli in particular stands out, yet this is ignored in ANY allopathic cancer treatment programme. What is going on ? … madness.

  5. There is a story doing the rounds in the UK with regards to a man who cured his 8+ year chronic eye condition with a 99p jar of honey. Cool… even the cheap stuff labelled ‘produce from more than one country’ works…. gotta love god.

  6. Dr.Morse – ‘open the curtains on your windows’
    Wow, well this is EXACTLY what the raw foods and juices do. And herbs, amazing !!!

  7. Again at the end of the video Dr.Morse is right on point, we are tested everyday, friends and from my experience FAMILY are the biggest challengers and the biggest ‘pullers’. But i consider myself lucky that it does’nt even bother me anymore, to the extent that they will be able to pollute my spirit and pull me away from doing what is right/sane. The system promotes insane as sane and sane as insane, so i say well you have to be insane, strive to be

  8. Monika Czerwinska // 27th July 2012 at 4:54 pm //

    Dr Morse you are B E A U T I F U L!!:)Love you!!

  9. can’t wait for the next video =]

  10. OS…
    I’d be careful about giving bee spit (honey) any magic healing powers. The popular belief that honey is a perfectly safe sweetner is a delusion. Honey contains many acids which are injurious to humans especially manite acid. Honey is harmful to the digestion, the teeth & the nervous system. Honey is also highly stimulating. It causes an excess secretion of mucus as a protective barrier against a harmful substance. We don’t need honey, but we do need the honeybees for pollination.

  11. ddaaaaaaaaaaanngg dr. morse you got me trippen….

  12. Thanks, well clearly honey does have medicinal use for humans, maybe only topically.

  13. I can’t stop watching your videos because you simply break everything down into SUCH simplistic and practical terms. I have been searching everywhere for someone to explain things to me. I found a couple of good people but I ran into you Robert I’m the luckiest guy in the world in terms of learning about health, i almost didn’t click your link but I DID and it was the best decision I ever made without knowing it!

  14. Basically I have just done what you said and started to eat nothing but strawberries blueberries and drink lemon water. All from the farmers market besides the lemons. And lots of watermelon juice i blend up myself seeds and all. And HOLY LORD did I see some changes in the bowels… I have more energy but i’m still weak and tired and unmotivated a good bit because I’m just now coming off of chronic aderall consumption and my adrenals are super low. What is the best way to TARGET the adrenals?

  15. I do think that its not really the smartest thing to stop eating protein… I do see some value in understanding the acid base reality that i’m totally awakened to but the body does utilize protein, and a few grams of protein isn’t going to kill you if you are already healthy and having a healthy diet.. Anyone care to criticize my assumptions here? I’de like someones take

  16. thankyou, i’m on it!!!!!!!

  17. Then you’ll be healed. Do the JUICES daily (if you can, or as often as you can) and clean up the rest of your diet, don’t be overly obsessed with organic everything. Processed man made food OUT, natural god made food IN. The juice is rocket fuel for the cells and from that everything else starts to work better. Anyway enjoy the journey, keep me updated.

  18. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing about the kissing part….you’re funny! love ya

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