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Q&A – 140 – Stomach Pain, Regaining Hair, ACL

Q&A 140

– Stomach Pain
– Too Much Water
– Bananas and Potassium
– Regaining Hair
– Dog's Health
– Thanks Facebook Group
– Wendy's Testimonial
– Grinded Seeds
– ACL Cure
– Dizziness
– Sinus Infections
– Bad Naturopaths
– What Makes Mucus
– Hello Roger
– Type I Diabetes
– Ultrasound, Cat Scan…
– Green Drinks & Oxalates
– Heal All Tea

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24 Comments on Q&A – 140 – Stomach Pain, Regaining Hair, ACL

  1. NO way this guy roger in the video the guy in the orange t shirt wow he is walking again i was watching an older docter morses video and he was in a wheel chair well done docter morse and team. 

  2. Way to stay with your truth!
    I love you !
    Keep talking about all of it!!!

  3. you are already home   how comforting thank you dr morse

  4. It would be great if Dr. Morse would have video testimonials about how people healed from various conditions so everybody would finally get the message about real health and nutrition.

  5. Love this man ,we need you soooo much pZ

  6. If not organic, bananas are very high in pesticides!!! Many plantation workers have cancer……

  7. I love, love your videos! Especially then long ones. Keep them coming. Love you Dr Morse!

  8. Please do not drop the spiritual/new age videos. I would love more of them. Health and spirituality are connected.

  9. If the bananas are too ripe or more likely not ripe enough, they do hurt a lot of people’s stomachs. They need to be very spotty and soft, easy to open, but not fermented/translucent/boozy.

  10. “don’t make me laugh I got no teeth” I love him so much! hahahaha

  11. “I’m a nipple expert.” lol Roger says

  12. Rochelle Waldenberg // 28th April 2017 at 1:03 pm //

    his amazing spirit and truth are wonderful like the highest vibe I wish I had and working on it!!! I adore this human!! thank you

  13. I Love You Dr. Morse and I love all your lovely staff, who asisst you with your wonderfull works.♥

  14. Doc, what you do goes against what so many have been taught. It’s brilliant on every level including the spiritual stuff. The guy who wrote in just to criticize the spiritual aspects clearly isn’t ready for them. Most who oppose or question that aspect are simply not on the right frequency yet. A lot of the “New Age” stuff has made spirituality look bad, but when you really detach from the mainstream way of thinking, obeying, worshiping (We do live in the “Indoctri-NATION”.),so much more opens itself to the observer. I highly recommend “Thoughts are Things” by Prentice Mulford. I can’t say for sure how much of those writings have been edited, but the book really does open people up to the possibilities.

  15. Please do not drop the spiritual stuff,. and please do not cut down on anything that you talk about. When you talk off-the-cuff there are pearls of wisdom that drop from your tongue that we might otherwise miss.

  16. I like dr morse way better than sebi. I’m not even going to lie. He gives free knowledge. Something I’m grateful for. As to sebi and his gang they want money 150-200 for 30 minutes of knowledge or consultation. And you wonder why ppl still sick.

  17. ‘Hair’ briefly @12:46 and at length @26:00

  18. I know this an old vlog but still valuable. Unfortunately, our Medical system focuses on treatment not well care. I self DX with primary hyperpartathyoism. MY DOCTORS WHERE LETTING ME DIE! Because I KNEW something was wrong being a Psychic Medium and a healer. I found out and it a Miraculous way. ( that would be an entire book) If I told my Docs I would have been locked away. I went to the norman parathyroid center and now I am doing damage control. In the last 9 months, I took myself off of 20 prescription medications and that is not counting the ones I refused to take. I am now doing home wellness 101 clinks.

  19. I have 2 large Parathriod Andeoms removed.

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