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Q&A 144 – Hyper Thyroidism, Connective Tissue, Chronic Lymph

Questions & Answers 144

– Hyper Thyroidism
– Connective Tissue
– Chronic Lymph Can Cause UTI's
– Why Pain/No Pain In The Body
– Pituitary Tumor
– Beet Fasts
– Too Much Water
– Removal of Amalgams
– Adrenals and MS

20 Comments on Q&A 144 – Hyper Thyroidism, Connective Tissue, Chronic Lymph

  1. I LIKE the long videos! Keep em as is Doc!

  2. With regard to mental illness, I recentjy watched an interview with Micheal Monk, an energy worker.says he knows what Schizophrenia is and how to heal it. Ive also been hearing alot about Epsom Salts, Magnesium solphate, that it is the number one relaxant, anti depressent.
    Have you any experience with mag solph?
    Than you for these greatly informative videos.

  3. I would enjoy seeing a video from you about spiritual stuff.

  4. Been missing your videos. Great to have a new one here… Cheers Dr!

  5. I really appriciate you taking the time to answer my questions

    Thank you,

  6. jaysus aching kristoff, doc: stay with medicine and leave politics till u learn the difference! Communism IS NOT the Totalitarianism u think it is, and Stalin thunk it was. “Socialism in one country” was merely to make an excuse for the adjacent countries not wanting to be like Russia, not rise up and change in the Soviet direction. Communism is bottom-up control, much like Democracy’s “majority rule” and embracement of diversity, both subverted from the start

  7. how can I submit my questions and eye pics to Dr. Morse? please help

  8. thanks @alwaysintheshow

  9. thanks @alwaysinthenow

  10. drum n bass on the morse channel. BOOM! 🙂

  11. Thanks for giving the information about the thymus glandular. I’ve been wondering about that 🙂

  12. That’s exactly what I thought! Woot!

  13. Hi everyone! I haven’t had a Facebook in over two years. I just signed up so I can be a part of the healing group. Can you please accept my request? Thank you. 🙂

  14. We love you too Dr. Morse! 🙂

  15. I’ve still gotta try some of that.

  16. Has DR Morse started answering email questions yet? Really need an answer soon as I’ve been selected for Gene Therapy Trials for my retina and I would like to know if he thinks I should go through it or go down the fruit fasting/herb route? Thanks.

  17. *Thank You* Thank You* Thank You* ~: )

  18. My Aunt who is 83 yrs young /..just had colon surgery .. cutting out a VERY LARGE tumor.. 12 ” of colon was removed .. cancer is still in 6 lymph nodes and in her liver. She was my teacher for natural healing for me growing up. She is not doing the chemo. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 2 1/2 yrs ago .. was frightened into mild chemo and radiation .. but stopped it all after 1st treatments (almost 6 wks) then went to raw food and juicing & MUCH prayer..What 1st steps for my aunt???

  19. you healed? i will pray for you

  20. 42:58 – Mercury amalgam fillings. Getting them all removed. Ok to go to a cheap regular dentist. Drinking glass of fresh cilantro/parsley to flush heavy metals is good, but keep going on the lymph system. Lynphatic capsules, GI Broom.

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