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Q&A 150 – Lymph Nodes, Baldness, Brain Fog

In This Video:

– Hi Teddy
– Hard & Swollen Lymph Nodes
– Color of Tongue
– Male Baldness
– Brain Fog
– Off Balance
– Exercise
– Monthly Excessive Bleeding
– Healing Arts
– One Kidney
– Fibromyalgia
– Papules on Skin

Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club

46 Comments on Q&A 150 – Lymph Nodes, Baldness, Brain Fog

  1. Speaking as a former member of the medical profession I truly agree with
    you regarding corporate take-over of (formerly) good herb and supplement
    suppliers. Big pharma is a pox on this Good Earth. I am here to learn.

  2. 0:46:13 OH YES!@#$! Are you listening people? Dr. Morse if 100% on looking
    at the cause. People need to be 100% holding the straps on their inner
    fuction health.

  3. Dr. you certainly look healthy! thank you for your expertise!

  4. love this guy!

  5. Wow! I’m gonna listen and try what you say.

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  6. Thank goodness I found your video. What a knowledgeable man!

  7. I love this guy!

  8. Cystic Acne for years and I greatly appreciate the information! You are a
    God send Dr. Morse! Lymphatic (& Kidney) cleanse is priority no.1 at this

  9. I love your videos. What can I do to get rid of trigeminal Neuralgia that I
    was diagnosed ? Enid from London

  10. thnks
    but… if baldness is a lymphatic problem, why is just usually just in mens
    and not womans? they also eat cr*p

  11. pathogens and virus is ok? acid kills them . balance is right. vegans are
    mostly unhealthy and short lifespan. thats fact dr. assimilation of
    minerals is the balance . Too much antioxidants leaves you with an oxidant
    imbalance. hmmm also difficiencies cant be fixed with stem cells.
    elimination channels is just the first step to healing and you know that .
    I hope you do

  12. I am absolutely loving watching your videos! You are pretty spot on in line
    with the recent Medical Medium, Anthony William. So far, only one thing is
    that you push glandulars and Anthony does not recommend. He also says
    Spirit trumps science! So, if you are against meat, why an advocate of

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  16. Michelle Lindholm // 8th May 2016 at 1:55 am //

    I’m very thankful to FullyRawKristina, who popped up on my screen video
    list late this February, for reminding me about the joys & importance of
    eating raw fruits & veggies, with all of her enthusiasm, & her mentioning
    of you, Dr. Morse, her ‘mentor’, & ‘inspiration’, and to you also popping
    up on my video list recently. I’ve been watching your videos, & so
    thankful. I also looked you up online, & found your website for herbs &
    tinctures. I couldn’t find anyone else with remedies for adrenal glands &
    thyroid, skin, & lymphs. I have been doing my best to eat 100% fruits &
    veggies since February 26th, & thanks to words of wisdom, I continue, even
    with days of not knowing what to eat, what I want to eat, what do I have
    that I can eat, & what do I really feel hungry for, if I’m even hungry, &
    not really really thirsty. which sometimes it is. What I wanted to say is
    that I have had two lumps around the back of left shoulder for a few years
    now, but never took it to my PC, because there was no pain, & my body
    didn’t seem to be alerting me. From watching your videos, & this one in
    particular, I realize that they are probably lymph nodes that have gotten
    hard & backed up with waste. I have been doing a long-overdue cleanse since
    just after Christmas, & have been on different kinds of cleansing/detox
    herbs since then. With the addition of a raw fruit & veggie diet, since the
    end of February, a lot has changed. I’ve lost weight that I hadn’t been
    able to lose in over ten years, & those two lumps behind my left shoulder
    have shrunk, & are beginning to disappear. Thank you for your videos, &
    sharing with everyone what we all need to hear. Everyone I talk to &
    mention my raw foods diet, says: but where are you getting your protein?!
    What about protein?! You need your protein!? It’s hard to explain to them
    that we really get all we need from fresh fruits & vegetables. I hardly
    believe it myself, but I know it’s true. I laugh every time I think about
    the fact that all we really need to eat is that luxury of luxuries, fruit!
    I think FullyRawKristina called you her ‘guru’. A friend I knew saved her
    life going vegetarian, then vegan, then raw vegan, & told me about it in
    2008. I knew it was important, but didn’t think of it as something
    necessarily important for me, but FullyRawKristina’s videos, a book called,
    Cleanse & Purify Thyself, and your videos, that I am watching, have
    convinced me of just how important it is, to ignore the misinformation that
    everyone is following, & cleanse & detox all the clogged up waste that I
    know is in my system.

  17. i beleive its all about minerals thats where it all starts deficiencies in
    minerals cause digestion problems that cause candida that cause acidosis
    that causes lymph glands to swell etc etc

  18. I have been using this Argan Life product on my daughter for about a month
    now and I can already see the different in all the right area. It arrived
    to my front door on time which is a plus.

  19. Γεια σου ρε Γιαννη αρχοντα.

  20. could you give me please the name of the 3 teas you mention at 6:28?

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