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Q&A-152 – Eye Reading, Low Back Pain, Night Sweat, Herpes

Questions & Answers 152

-Eye Reading
-Low Back Pain
-Night Sweats
-Muscle Pains & Twitching
-Bone Loss
-Osteoporosis & Hyper Coagulation
-Fruits can be strong
-Serious Problems after Massage
-Sleep Well
-Tooth Filling

22 Comments on Q&A-152 – Eye Reading, Low Back Pain, Night Sweat, Herpes

  1. when does dr.morse talk about Herpes and sleep well

  2. Dr. Moore, thanks for answering the herpes question, but you kinda didnt answer the whole question. lol. I wanted to know if it was true that herpes hides in the nervous system which makes it impossible to cure. Does detoxing alone cure the virus? because I heard protein and meat keeps the virus alive. Thanks. not trying to be rude, but wanted a more clear answer. and feedback would be appreciated.

  3. Your the best Robert, thank you for doing what you do.

  4. You look great…lost more weight and look younger:)

  5. what is the granular for adrenals..where can i buy

  6. lol just love u doc

  7. thanks for your courage
    in continuing to share real
    working ways of healing.

    and keeping it simple.

    all blessings.
    grow your love, grow your life 🙂

  8. He mentioned that you can get rid of any viral load from the body. He mentioned HIV as well. Get away from “curing the virus” think of just killing the virus by alkalizing and detoxifying body. Viruses can’t survive in an alkaline environment. Detox isn’t easy but I suggest cutting out all fat besides what is found in fruit and green juice. I would suggest calling gods herbs and talking to someone about what herbs will help your body along the way for your specific condition. LOVE

  9. You mean the glandulars and it’s the actual raw adrenal gland tissue of bovine. Dr Morse sells them.

  10. love ur sense of humor! LOLOL

  11. i love you man!

  12. Dr Morse, do you think you could show us some eyes of a super healthy person, so we can see the difference of other not so healthy people’s eyes…that would be awesome! Love your videos so much

  13. Captain Kangaroo Morse.

  14. False! He calls his herb tinctures by the name of the organs they act upon. Let me guess, Durianrider told you this? Think and look for yourself!

  15. Show me the proof please.

  16. You’d have to get in touch with the manufacturer.

  17. Dr Morse has herbal formula’s for the adrenals as well as glandulars for the adrenals. He talks of it all the time.

  18. You’re a character and that nice white hair makes ya’ look wise 🙂 I just happened upon another of your videos, where you kinda indicated that you were like 50 yrs ahead of your time. Er, if that were the case you wouldn’t be wearing glasses 🙂 But if you’re all about aligning with nature, then that’s definitely a good thing, and I’m sure you’re way more savvy than the average bear health-wise. But the food combining, that’s complicated, and in my view, makes it not likely true, well, except for those who believe it’s true (placebo kinda thing). Since I’m way up there in age, and haven’t a white or gray hair, I tend to see that alteration in hair color as indicative of some degree of ill health or lack of some nutrients. (Note, ppl in my family all had that hair color change before their 50’s…so the genetics thing is BS for the most part.) Also, the glasses are indicative of not seeing clearly, and note how so many of us are wearing these “corrective lenses” … even your little teddy bear is wearing ’em, as if that’s normal, ha. Those glasses correct nothing, they actually weaken our eyes. Even a fo’ real eye doc stopped being so after started feeling bad about putting stronger and stronger lenses on ppl, knowing they do nothing to heal the eyes… He healed his own eyes, stopped wearing glasses, wrote a book on it… Um, so your eyeglasses are also sort of, well, fairy dust 😉 Please don’t mock others for their health choices, unless you’re wanting to promote the same toward you. It’s not just about aligning with Nature, it’s also about aligning with our own intuition, trusting our own choices about health and otherwise. No hard core rules, just guidelines married to our own powerful intuition. Seek within, and don’t let others mock you into submission to their way, which isn’t the only way for everyone. And remember, our beliefs are powerful puppies 🙂

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