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Q&A 162 – Alcohol, Psoriasis, Herpes

Questions & Answers 162

– Sit Down with Dr. Morse — Health & Spirituality
– Alcohol Addiction
– 26 Year old with Psoriasis/Systemic Lymph Issues
– Carrots — Good/Bad?
– Herpes
– PCOS with Heavy Bleeding
– Low BUN and WBC's

34 Comments on Q&A 162 – Alcohol, Psoriasis, Herpes

  1. These are great videos, all of them, and Dr Morse is wonderful and inspiring. I recall a few years ago I was reading and thinking about fruit diets and I was in one of those food malls having lunch talking about it to some workmates. I’m sure they thought I was strange and one said it was extreme and “everything in moderation”. There happened to be some quite overweight people sitting at the surrounding tables – and asked, “Do you see moderation in anything around us?” 

  2. You’re so Inspirational, I want to do what you do. Everything you talk about is what I have always believed. Please tell us how to become an ND. 🙂

  3. Please recycle those pieces of paper. Turn them over and print on other side. Love ya!

  4. This has got to be the smartest guy I know.

    • Seriously.

    • Go look and you will see he is not right about anything. He is not a Dr either. He is not a chemist nor a naturopath.

    • +Marcus Cassius Go do what he says and stop spreading BS. Just do it for a month if you are so quick to judge- have evidence in your own experience which will be undeniable.

      Then come back here and apologize for this hateful comment.

      Im on fruits the third year now and going strong. Started with a 30-day juice fast to clean intestines first and go from there. If you need inspiration watch “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”- 2 guys do a 60-day juice fast and heal from everything they had. You can find it on Youtube easily.

  5. When you have an honest man that can teach health and spirituality you have it all, you have someone that can change your life and the way you think. Thank God we still have light in a dark place, thank you.

  6. I came across this on YouTube quite by mistake (no mistakes..right?!) I have just fallen in love !! Dr Morse is wonderfu!!l His insights into the physical and spiritual are pure gold. Lots to learn from him.

  7. this man is fascinating to me.. the simple intelligence is amazing.. I get it and that makes me so excited.!!!

  8. This man just warms my heart!!!  After trying to talk to my sister who is so close minded,  and feeling bad about my beliefs he is so reassuring!!!  Thank you Dr. Morse for acknowledging who we really are.  Understanding that we are souls and that this is not the end!!!!

  9. 20:00 he talks about alcohol

  10. 53:00 he is about to talk about carrots

  11. AMBIEN– if you give coma patients ‘your’ Ambien — they wake up.

  12. If i’d had a father like you, i would have been the king of the world. Than you! Doc.

  13. You sir, are the real deal.

  14. what makes me sick is the fact that you dont have 1000000000000 views

  15. Herpes at 1:00:59

  16. Rosemarie Stafford // 11th July 2017 at 4:07 pm //

    You are really a life saver! Thank you, I am 73 and did not think I should go on living. You changed our life, your teaching helps us to hang in there, but most of all there is joy, living or dying, and to top it all, we are getting better. We thank God for having found you!

  17. indecisive millennial // 18th October 2017 at 2:47 am //

    42:00 psoriasis

  18. Praise awareness more than academics. Recovering from alcoholism doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic your whole life. Expand your consciousness!

  19. 00:00 – Health & Spirituality
    20:00 – Alcohol Addiction (21:44 – Meat eater vs. Fruit eater)
    40:04 – Liver Enzymes
    42:31 – Psoriasis/Systemic Lymph Issues
    53:54 – Carrots
    58:58 – Herpes
    01:01:49 – PCOS with Heavy Bleeding
    01:09:14 – Low BUN and WBC’s

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