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25 Comments on Q&A 166 – Dehydration, Fluoride, Heart attack

  1. so kidney congestion is the cause of dark pigment under the eyes? My husband is 52 and has had this for the last 10 yrs…sunken , hollowed eyes as well….

  2. Hi Dr morse it’s aaron
    i was wondering if., can i use cell salts such as calcium fluoride and silica with some herbs for some symptoms of: ganglion cysts on the left ankle and right wrist. and a prolapsed left nasal septum which i’m using goldenseal and cayenne.., will upper circulation be enough for medulla and mastoid issues..
    thanks a lot for answering the question about my dad and calcium and beta blockers and her is getting of them., thank god.

    happy holidays!
    from aaron.
    merry christmas.

  3. I hear similar comments by others, how sad

  4. Dr. Morse, you are sure a breath of fresh air. I can not tell you how much it means to me & so many others to be able to see & hear you speak the truth in a world that is so lost & confused. It is not easy to walk this path. You serve as a great inspiration in my life! I do hope our great creator blesses you one thousand fold!

    I am wondering what your opinion of ionic foot baths is?

    Thanks you for all the light you bring to out world!!!!


    Debby 🙂

  5. Dr.Morse you look as though you’ve lost weight ?? 😀
    Happy holidays from Scotland.

  6. Hello Dr. Morse – You have spoken about what is coming several times now. Would you mind elaborating on what you believe is upon us? I am very interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for helping me and all of my friends and family : )

  7. Go Dr Morse! Happy Chrismas to you and everyone here.

  8. Yes….they are going to unroll the Codex Alimentarius law and the Agenda 21 in a record speed time now not only in the US, but in the entire World…. But times are changing BIG time and we’ll be free again.

  9. Are these drops and capsules the dr is talking about for sale somewhere? Thank you.

  10. TCM links eye problems of all kinds with the kidneys and liver.

  11. I love raspberries and blueberries 🙂

  12. I’ve seen this in my daughter who has chronic UTIs. When I read that I was so excited because I ALWAYS noticed this before she would get a UTI and it all makes sense now.

  13. for those of us who can barely afford an organic anything, let alone any of the herbs talked about in the vids, can you suggest something to clean out the bowels ? too many health issues to list, but I do know this is prob the main cause…thank you.

  14. You do know, meat is vital to human health.

    • Madara Uchiha look at the length of your digestive tract. It’s way longer than carnivores, so the dead flesh just putrifies as it sits for 3 days. Keep harming yourself if you want, but this channel is about truth!

  15. No need for organic, it’s a waste of money.

  16. yeah, ive come to realize that after researching just who really owns that too….
    im now glutin/dairy/soy/meat free, so that has helped a lot.

  17. how do i get in touch with Robert Morsend i have a friend who has advanced PSP Progressive Supranuclear Palsy??

  18. did Dr Morse not know about fluoride being a neurotoxin & calcifiying the pineal gland??

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