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Q&A 167 – Rash, Baking soda, Chaste Tree

Questions & Answers 167

– 1 Year Old with Rash
– Baking Soda to Alkalize
– Chaste Tree Berry for Men
– Swollen/Hardened Lymph Nodes
– Dizziness & Depression
– Low BS (56)
– Stomach Pain
– Sweet Fruits & Detox
– Dialysis
– Pyelonephritis and UTI's
– Mucus After Crying
– Plantar Fascia
– Pituitary Adenoma
– Prolapsed Bladder
– Cell Salts
– Ganglion Cysts

21 Comments on Q&A 167 – Rash, Baking soda, Chaste Tree

  1. Raw foods and juices and herbs CURED my 10+ years of chronic deep depression which spiralled into 5 years of serious alcoholism. I was cured in one year. Believe it !!

  2. Daniel Ananda Alexander // 2nd January 2013 at 6:12 pm //

    Dear Clarissa, it depends on which kind of fruit detox. A lemon juice detox would include drinking lemon and honey with water throughout the day. A dark grape fruit fast pertains to only eating grapes throughout the day, as much you like, in both cases. However less is often more detoxifying. And you may want to take herbs along with the fruit detox procedure, if you only have a small amount of resources you may want to purchase Morse’s “Heal All tea” and consume the tea along with the detox.

  3. Can you share your knowledge on Bee Pollen? I have been a fan of Bee Pollen for 7 months now and it has made a BIG difference in my life. By watching your videos and hearing you explain how the adrenal glands work, it dawned on me that maybe its the bee pollen that is stimulating my adrenals which is causing me to feel really good and confident about my health. I love it and I dont want to live without it.

  4. Dan’s issues are exactly similar to my own. I have thyroid cancer as well though. Dan, Morse can help for sure!

  5. Your simple explanation of methods are brilliant, the establishments emphasis on the blood and feces echoes death cults. I’d like to emphasize that what the media gives you is the same as what academia gives you, BS. We have hypnotists in office and staged events presented as news. I am interested in your views on what specifically strengthens kidneys, adrenals and parathyroid beyond detox alfalfa. A video on each individual part of the lymph system would be awesome.

  6. it’s part of the lymph and the blood system.
    search “blood plasma”

  7. I JUST LOVE YOU! Thank You for All You Do!

  8. Hi. Plasma is basically the liquid that the blood cells swim in. Blood and lymph are different systems. Blood brings the food to all the cells while the lymph system takes care of cell’s poop by eliminating thru the kidneys. So if your kidneys are functioning up to par then trouble of all sorts are to be expected.

    all love light and truth

  9. Milk products appear to be associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
    · Milk products appear to be associated with decreased risk of hypertension
    · Milk products appear to de associated with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes
    · Milk products associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer. not associated with increased risk prostate cancer. Lies!!!!


  10. A shame that dietitians try to sell crap as listed below. Check out Annie Vézina RD
    Registered Dietitian
    Dairy Farmers of Canada

    So sad!

  11. your new site for videos does not show them well, lots of stoppings……the ones on utube have no problems….please keep them coming on here. thank you.

  12. I am with you over the lawsuit!!! Go Go Go… are a Hero!

  13. The medical community can not teach healthy…cause they will be put in jail and loose their license! They can only order radiation, chemo, surgery and big Pharma…….

  14. Yes love your vids ! The new site doesn’t play them

  15. Very well lots of stopping

  16. Robert Morsend is a true definition of a doctor

  17. @11:00—baking soda.

  18. 6 years ago and as relevant now as it was then. Lots of great social and spiritual commentary in this, Doc! Much appreciated!

  19. Love and Knowledge to everyone here. xoxo

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