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Q&A 265 – Brain Injury, Viruses, Laser Hair Removal, Berries, Gallstones, Water

In this video:

04:03 – Eva – I am a health care provider for a woman who is 25 and has lived with an anoxic brain injury since the age of 6. I have been talking with her mother/guardian about nutrition and the bodies ability to heal and improve if we transitioned her from her current feeding tube formula! She currently receives Nestle’s FiberSoure HN Tube Feeding formula 1.2 unflavored 250ml/300 calories. We are looking into a few options or suggestions.

10:42 – Christian – Some have died from liver failure from valerian root should be avoided if have weak liver. St johns wort can cause problems with sun exposure if take too much.

15:00 – Dave – I’m watching dr morse newest video on ALS and about an hour in to it he says you can get rid of viruses. Are you saying its possible to get rid of viruses that “modern” medicine say are impossible to “cure” like herpes for example that some claim 25% of the western population have?

21:41 – Andrew – Is laser hair removal very dangerous? Is it toxic and harmful to the body? I was contemplating 5-8 laser hair removal treatments.

24:13 – Nick – On Dr. Morse’s videos he says berries are good for your cells because they are alkaline forming but in his book he has blueberries as acid forming. So are they alkaline or acid forming to your cells? Are plums and prunes alkaline or acid forming? They are all fruit but he has them as acid forming. What are they? You have some errors in your book.

29:10 – Lampi – My father has gallstones and he eats tons of meat, dairy, and bread. Is this related to gallstones and what can he do to prevent them in the future?

33:48 – Unknown – Do half pipes move lymph (how’s Tony Hawk doing)? When ice skaters spin really fast does THAT move lymph? In a good way? How about seesaws? Is nudism the best lifestyle for lymph movement? As a species have we evolved to eat meat for survival during colder seasons, or was it out of necessity during ice age?

44:51 – RawFoodPath – How do you repair after they have given you radiation iodine treatment as the doctor says you have Graves disease. How can this be fixed after the damage was done?

48:16 – Daniel – Please comment on drinking water with 9,10,11 from water ionizers/alkaline water.

52:30 – Sabine – I’ve been suffering from severe acne for more than a year now. I’ve been on a vegan high raw diet for 5 months now, but it still not completely gone. How can I work on my kidneys so they start filtering better, what herbs can I use?
55:37 – Sarah – Aunt has granuloma annulare, minimal BMs and poor sleep. My sister was diagnosed with celiac a couple years ago. Has dealt with severe cold sores, allergies, heat intolerance, irritability, dyslexia, migraines, yeast infections. Grandma and Mom…

1:04:40 – Estefani – I writing concerning my mother she has Psp syndrome she is 62 years old it has been progressing for the last 5 years she is at the point where she needs 24 hour care Any test that doctors have made me do for nutritional deficiency or MRI etc have all come back perfect they only diagnosed her within the past few months they said she had dementia , MS, Alzimhers all which turned out to be false. she is not on any medication is a vegetarian and is not in any pain but neurologically her equilibrium is totally out of whack psp is a rare disease. Is there any way I can interest you in my mom case

1:11:15 – Restless leg syndrome.

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  1. Thank you 🙂

  2. In regards to humans eating meat during cold climates – the Homo species has been eating meat long before the ice age etc. Homo Habilis which was two generations (homo erectus, early sapien/neanderthalis) younger had been meat scavengers even in tropical to temperate zones.

    There is even new evidence that the common ancestor Australopitheticus Sediba (related to our currently earliest relative/ancestor Australo-Aferensis) had a very close bone structure to that of Homo and had been adapting to new climates, cooler and hotter african conditions and make tools to expand their diets including fruits, nuts and meats.

    – Modern man older than we thought – Daily Telegraph
    By Sarah Knapton
    Science Correspondent Friday, July 4, 2014

    • Ok, that’s pretty clear, thank you.

      In regards to human evolution can you give me an explanation to the ‘basics of understanding’ and why it is based on conjecture? It’s interesting information but feels uncertainly vague and I don’t know how to interpret this point.

      Are the conjecture assertions the same in the Theory of Evolution? If so, i’d like to hear your reasons why since a theory, may start as conjecture/hypothesis but if enough evidence and substantiated points reinforce it over time, it triumphantly becomes a law and if it can be explained it is a theory – something which no longer is conjecture.

      And lastly, we know with scrutinised certainty so far that the Australopithecus aferensis and Sediba are very closely related to us as our ancestor before the Homo species developed. If there is strong evidence that behavior of developed man including toolmaking which was originally only found in the stages of Homo Habilis and so on, including migration to colder and warmer areas of places such as Malapa, South Africa (mentioned in the news article) as well as bone structure, brain size and so on apparently being very indifferent to Early Homo Sapien isn’t that beyond conjecture/conception/belief since there is evidence (more to it in the actual papers and science journals) to support it?

      I mean it may not be 100% correct since everything in science isn’t at all in all honesty, but it is now passed the realms of hunches and supposition and now can be viewed as factual.

    • Daniel Ananda Alexander // 21st August 2014 at 3:06 pm //

      I will send you a private message, with a paper examining all of these issues and much more 🙂 (please accept my friend request in order for me to send you a private message)

    • +FeelGoodPlanet
      Excellent! Thank you very much for this discussion. You’ve been a pleasure to engage with and hope your research continues to thrive and yield great results. 

    • Daniel Ananda Alexander // 23rd August 2014 at 8:29 am //

      +Rhys Williams I have not been able to send a message to you, please provide me with a way to send you a private message 🙂

    • go cure your disease with meat cave man .

  3. Thanks again! xo

  4. Thanks for the great information. I will try to get this. Information I needed hopefully I can do it right. As for the comments I read… if you believe in evolution as your guided food base then you may not get it. Sorry, but in the garden of Eden Adam and eve walked and named the animals. They ate fruits and berries not animals. The fall of man was when God decided to clothe them. Just a thought on that. So we were designed to eat garden foods. As for the ice age. It happened suddenly when the earth rotated on its axes due to the flood. Those of you looking for answers to those questions may try looking at Dr. Kent Hovand videos. That is true science to explain how they doctor up their evolution to make us believe lies. It is an eye opener. Or just believe what you were taught in public school and never question the truth. It will work for you either way. 

    • You should do what you say and learn about the plane(t). It is not a spinning ball (1000 mph at the equator) existing from nothing that exploded into everything. God made the earth with a firmament (look it up in the bible) enclosing it. God made me, I didn’t come from goo or a monkey (part of the globe earth doctrine). The bible is a flat earth book, plenty of research available. Sounds like you are halfway there, just keep going!

  5. slimmer, more tan, darker hair…wow. Lookin’ good! Looks like I have some videos to catch up on! Have a great day, Dr. Morse.

  6. Can you get better if you used to smoke?

  7. Your such an amazing person thank you Dr. Morse for what you do!

  8. i love pick brainz!

  9. you are a wonderful human being, thank you to spirit for haven brought you to us, and you finding your true path!

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      Make sure your digestion is working: You can eat a perfect diet, but if you aren’t digesting food appropriately, it is not going to help.
      Discover and eradicate underlying food sensitivities – eliminate a suspected food for a period of time
      Find ways to reduce and eliminate stress:eg Prayer, meditation, moderate exercise, adequate sleep, and regular massage
      Eat gut healing foods and nutrients
      Balance the gut flora by including appropriate amounts of fermented foods in your diet each day.
      Discover and eliminate gastrointestinal infections
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      Lessen exposure to environmental toxins
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  10. my doctor was telling me today how everyone should be eating alkaline diets ! 🙂 it made me happy !

  11. Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work you do. Much love.

  12. Buen día! 
    Wat I need do for an Iris readin/diajnostic from Dr. Robert?
    Would really appreciate some direction 🙂
    I am from Yucatan, Mexico.. and would like to “recuperate” my Vitality alonj wit orijinal Eye Color. Lots of will for deep work and detox of course.
    Danke lots!
    (sorry for spellin, some letters missin in keybord)

  13. I had a brain injury and speaking neurologically I am overcharged not the other way around. I find that greens and good fats bring those symptoms down such as the spasms and such…

  14. What does the body do with food that isn’t excreted or eliminated? If someone has had severe constipation for  year or 2 lets say, what are the implications? Does energy accumulate in cells, blood, etc?

  15. Hi there, can anyone tell me what he means by the kidney, adrenaline and lymphatic formulas, is that explained further somewhere?

  16. Your great.. Tho I am wondering if all fruits are okay to heal brain injuries and what about nuts and seeds and fish oil ??

  17. you keep me going

  18. How can I order from you

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