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Q&A 281 – Eye Changes, Hypothyroid, Tinnitus, Vital Organs, Kidney Disease

16:19 – ColoradoHighest – I’ve watched almost all of your videos, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any before and after iris photos that show improved health after detoxification. Can you show us some of the changes that occur in the iris once someone has regained their health? Thank you very much. Last year I sent you some iris photos taken of my mother in 1978 at age 48 and then again in 2014 at age 82, which didn’t reflect much change at all after 34 years (except bleached coloring in the old photos). You can see the exact same sulfur deposits and lacunas. Of course, she never went on a detox or anything, but wouldn’t they change somehow anyway?

21:00 – Unknown – Banana Island Protocol.

47:55 – Madeline – Can you talk about if there is anything that can cure hypothyroid or do I need to live with it forever? I take a pill everyday.

54:10- Adrian – Male, 39 years old, from Transilvania. I tend to overeat on fruits, and when I do, I got tinnitus in my ears. Should I restrict my volume/calories from fruits, and if yes, what are your recommendations? I beleive that the tinnitus comes from the triglycerides transformed from fructose. Am I wrong? I would like to go for herbal teas instead of tinctures as detox Any particular teas that you recommend as good for detox/adrenals and/or thyroid?

01:02:07 – John – How can severely damaged vital organs and tissue be revitalized and restored to original condition during or after immunosuppression therapy? What is the most dangerous drug or drugs used in immunosuppression therapy? What is the point of no return for reversing the administration of the actual immunosuppression drug protocols and their side effects? What is the one drug that prevents reversal? What new industry experts or procedures are on the leading edge of medicine that can be considered as solutions, but may not be widely known or practiced yet?

01:12:44 – Aisha Hale – I have kidney disease and I am on dialysis. In this past week, I have changed my eating habits about 90%. What I mean by that is I went from eating meat and dairy products daily (several times a day) to hardly none at all. Matter of a fact, I haven’t had any meat or dairy in the past 3 days. I go to dialysis 2 days a week for 2 hours, I still produce lots of urine, I work, I’m active, I’m in school, but I absolutely refuse a kidney transplant ( at this time) for some reason, I don’t feel good about it, no matter what anyone says ( I have been on dialysis for 6 years now)So whit all of this being said, my main question is what should I be eating?? I was told to stop eating animal protein, (because I was leaking protein in the urine), OK I can stop eating animal protein, no problem, but will other proteins like beans, legumes etc. cause protein to leak out of the urine as well as animal protein? I want to change my eating, and eventually I want to be 100% no meat no dairy, and I am working up to that now. But if I eat vegan foods that have a lot of protein, will I run across the same problem? Also, what about meat substitute options? What ones are best that are not loaded with salt and tofu (never eat tofu by the way). How do i keep weight on, what do i eat, what do i do… I need help and a plan… Are beans etc. the same kinds of heavy proteins as animal protein??

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  1. Why isit that they say not to eat grapes melons etc with kidneydisease. Ive
    got kd what can i do to get mt function better 

    • +MatthewMUFC20 two or three times a day, make sure wait half hour before
      eating. Fine to take all tinctures at once in a little water or juice.

    • +Peter Angel rightioo, any other foods that shiuld be my main focus for the

    • +MatthewMUFC20 All the watery fruits are very good (sub acid and acid
      fruits, watermelon in particular for the kidneys. These will hydrate
      and clean the kidneys and all of your lymph system very well. You may need
      to ease into consuming more fruit depending how toxic you are and how weak
      your glands are especially your adrenals. There is a real art and science
      to true detoxification of the body, Dr Morse has an excellent series titled
      exactly this check it out and many other essentials on

    • +Peter Angel There are some very good kidney herbs, parsley, nettle,
      plantain and corn silk all excellent, can make a great kidney infusion from
      these herbs and use herbal tinctures a la Dr Morse.

    • +Peter Angel think my adrenals are weak, got alot of fatigue, trying to
      deal with stress and anxiety …trauma.

  2. Wow, those eye changes are the real deal, oh my God, huge changes, good
    work (:-

  3. 21:00 Banana Island protocol. That person that emailed you was upset over
    a disagreement in a Facebook group! Those of us in the group ADORE you Dr.
    Morse and nobody was pushing anything on anyone. We have some very
    experienced detoxers in the group and I assure you none of them would give
    unsound advice. 

    • Exactly!! These two women are the nicest you’ll ever meet. They’re not
      pushing anything onto anyone and they love DRM. This letter is written by
      someone bitter 🙁 Totally untrue!

    • Dr. Morse, that email was untrue. Very much so. Lies were told, and it’s
      sad that these two ladies were targeted and you were placed in the position
      to be hurt by these lies and to waste your time when sick people need you
      more than the drama that someone is trying to create.

    • +rawkingkong Most people do not eat 20-30 bananas a day on Freelee’s banana
      diet, they put them in a smoothie. Try eating the bananas straight up and
      see how often you eat 20 a day.

    • +rawkingkong Dr. Morse says bananas are NOT I repeat NOT for
      detoxification. Detoxification is what this channel is mostly about.
      Learning how to properly heal and detoxify your body. Secondary its about
      raw food diet to maintain health. He says this over and over and over in
      all of his videos. He mentions on several of the videos that bananas are
      the perfect food for the human body for health but not detox. He also says
      its up to each individual to figure out what to eat once their body is 100
      percent detoxed. He says how you know you are done detoxing is when you
      cheat on your diet you do NOT feel ill. Indeed bananas are a great way to
      feed the human body that is healthy. Sooooo many people on this channel are
      NOT healthy and are not ready for heavy banana consuming.

    • What is the end game to the Banana Island Protocol anyway? I mean it
      obviously can’t be for detoxification and you can’t truly strengthen the
      cells without first cleansing/detoxifying so and by the looks of some of
      the members the bags under the eyes tell me they need to be getting out of
      sweet type fruits and into the acid and sub-acid fruits to get those
      kidneys and adrenals turned back on you. Fast on grapes for 60 days.. IT
      WILL take you so much further so much faster than banana’s so you can get
      to the point that if you want to eat bananas all the time you can knowing
      you are healing/healed and maintaining true homeostasis. Is there more to
      this banana protocol because if not then its just a banana fast and not
      truly a protocol=a written plan specifying the procedures to be followed in
      giving a particular examination, conducting research, or providing care for
      a particular condition? So what sort of research or examination are you
      doing because I know you could not be providing care or in this case
      healthcare from simply bananas without botanicals when I saw quit a few
      bags under the eyes. Just trying to get some information straight here.

  4. Geo Martin - Musicman // 2nd December 2014 at 8:29 pm //

    Thank you so much for all your work and teachings Doc. Much love to you!

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    suffer uncomfortable side effects from prescription medication.

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  6. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and human being! 

  7. Thank you Dr. Morse !!!!!!

  8. Hey Doc, keep up the awesome work! Wondering if you ever looked up
    “FullyRawKristina” on youtube. Talk about good testimony to all you teach.
    She’s almost 10 years raw and even talks about eye color change! Awesome

  9. Levothyroxine (Synthroid) is a synthetic version of T4, Armour Natural T3 >
    {you said at 53:10, the opposite} . Please be mindful of the info you are
    passing onto others…

  10. I read that melons have too much potassium and not good for kidneys.

    • Oh; how do you know this? I read so many conflicting reports.. don’t eat
      certain melons or certain veggies when trying to stay away from too much
      potassium.. its so confusing.. I do eat watermelon most days.. I am trying
      the almost all raw foods for awhile .. Its not easy.. I do raw for
      breakfast and lunch and most dinners.. sometimes I fall back.. weekends I
      might do two cooked dinners.. I don’t thi nk I could do all raw for life. I
      am always hungry lol
      thank you so much for taking the time to answer..

    • Hi Marie, I did a degree in Biomedical Science but later did nursing. Still
      doing that 🙂 I don’t know who is saying there’s too much potassium in
      fruit, we really do have the capacity to excrete potassium from our kidneys
      if there’s too much to handle. The only time I would be cautious is if
      someone has kidney failure, then the kidneys might not be able to excrete
      the potassium. However, I still reckon that can be healed by fruits and
      veggies but with just more caution, I’d definitely contact Dr Morses office
      in that case :). Hope that helps Marie 😀

    • +Marie Jones Hi Marie, I see what your saying about the fruits and
      vegetables. I myself am on dialysis a second time around. I already had a
      kidney transplant that lasted 16 yrs 4 months then again my transplanted
      kidney failed in November 2011 so I had to start dialysis again. I’m not
      sure what to do to get off dialysis. Dr. Joel Wallach talks about eating
      like 12 boiled eggs today but Dr. Morse saids stay off the protein. Who is
      right? Also, Dr. Joel Wallach, ND says on numerous Youtube videos and
      podcasts he gets people off of dialysis but his supplements are so
      expensive that I can’t afford them being on Social Security in all. Well
      hope everything goes well with you if your on FB just look for my name.

    • Gee I know its confusing.. If I were you I would write to Dr. Morse and see
      if you can get in and speak with him without paying anything.. I would also
      trust Dr. Morse too .. I have read a lot that protein is not good for us..
      I do like Joel Wallach but eating eggs wouldn’t be my first choice. that is
      just common sense.. I would also get some of Dr. Morses herbal kidney
      formulas but they are pricey too.. I have heard that baking soda and lemon
      cures kidney ailments…check
      I would also do an all raw diet with foods low in potassium..

    • What are you doing to help your kidneys..I eat eggs almost everyday and
      also drink lots of coffee

  11. wish you would cover tinnitus more, its an expanding issue worldwide. I
    have it at age 24

  12. Yes please cover more on the tinnitus

  13. Wouldnt we be black if we come from the tropics ? Not trying to be funny
    but if we have turned white because we moved away wouldnt our inner bodies
    chang to cater for where we now live if our skin did ? Also why did god
    make vegetables if we are not meant to eat them especially as they are full
    of vitamins and minerals.also why do people live to be 100 yet eat meat
    ?just trying to work this out.thankyou

    • It seems the food pyramid could be rearranged with fruits on the bottom as
      the base. Then vegetables on the second level then the rest. I love and
      will continue to eat all kinds of food but what we have done wrong is
      making delicacies as the main part of our diet.

  14. I was put on lythoride thyroid med. I just found out about natural. Since
    change in diet years ago, beginning in 2000yr. My weight went from 260lbs
    diabetes gone 11 months later 145lbs. I was taken off hotdogs, coldcuts,
    redmeat, all, pork products, eggs, put on brown rice, 8 glasses of water
    green tea salmon two times a week only 4 oz some chicken if breast 4 oz. In
    2016 began eating only fruits, veg mostly raw veg. no bread no coffee, no
    meat at all. Just found your show. I was put years ago on 100 dosage for
    thyroid. I grew, learned took nutrition on line few years back. I do not
    believe doctors know everything, They never sent my three siblings to
    nutritionist. all died of cancer. I came from small town with fruit and veg
    all organic . IYet we ate meat. no bacon little eggs lots of fresh air and
    land. I want to go off of my med. Is that wise? The physician decreased to
    .88. I found out it has dyes and aluminum in it. Do not want to take.

  15. no eating beans isn’t that allright? Or some grains?

  16. Cue for hashimotos and tending with ringing in the ringing in the ear from
    loud music.

  17. He reminds me of Lorien Lockman. He also has a very strong message that
    resonates with me. These are the kinds of things that I search for on You

  18. Does anyone know if Dr. Morse takes questions via Youtube comments or is
    there a specific place to go to send questions?

  19. Please cover the cause and treatment of tinnitus. Thank you!!

    • It’s Epstein Barr virus getting into the ear canal. The virus feeds of the
      heavy metals and toxins in your liver, kidneys, etc. I’ve been dealing with
      horribly loud ringing since March. It got better when I eliminated meat,
      gluten, diary, corn, soy, canola and eggs. It’s got even better when I
      added more fruit to my diet. Nettle leaf tea in the afternoon is good for
      relieving tinnitus. Radishes are also great. As Dr. Morse says
      “Detoxification is the golden key.”

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