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  1. Mitch did more that eat protein to get that big. That is not natural

    • Mitch isn’t just juicing; He’s on the juice. It’s obvious. Dr. Morse is naive in a number of ways.

    • +G Kuljian or he has tact. He has mentioned the negative blowback Mitch will have with his lifestyle. He may just not want to throw out accusations?

    • muse two Good point. I just expect raw truth. I guess tact is important too.

    • +G Kuljian yeah, I know Morse is big on not judging people if he can help it. He just gets angry about oncologist mainly.

    • muse two Not sure why you tag me in your comment. I agree with your statement 100%. High protein diets very often lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol, which often can result in heart attacks. But, that doesn’t negate the fact that many people in the gym are using steroids and I was in the bodybuilding game long enough to know no one is filling out their shirt sleeves on a raw diet alone. Especially someone that admits past steroid abuse. The likely cause is testosterone replacement therapy. There of course could also be a raw diet on top of exogenous hormones. Not knocking it, just don’t appreciate pretenders.


  3. Bless you, Dr. Morse!

  4. Zoraida Rodriguez Quińones // 23rd August 2018 at 5:06 am //

    I met a lady many years back, she was born with one kidney only and she never knew that, until her pregnancy, so….like the saying says: what you don’t know don’t hurt you!

  5. Love you Dr Morse!

  6. Tried ear candling for first time last week could not believe the wax that came out. I felt like my ear canal was roto rooted. Cant wait for the next one.

  7. I need this in my life

  8. With a few exceptions all herbivores supplement their diet with some animal protein.that is fact.
    Even a rabbit, birds…..

    • +Theta Naturalist he isn’t wrong, he just misunderstands the reason and ignores the consequences

    • payman z  This really isn’t a place for fighting. This is a place for people to learn to heal. Can we stop with the drama? Just let them be, anyone with a brain knows there are many vegans here who get offended at the idea of eating meat. Just let it go, man doesn’t have to eat meat. If you want to fine, go eat all the meat you want, but this isn’t the place for it. Dr. Morse does not promote or support meat eating, if you want to talk about meat eating, there are plenty of carnivore channels out there.

    • +muse two you are doing drama

    • +Jenna Fox lol i speak facts and you call me stupid without any reasoning, well it shows who is stupid.

    • +Theta Naturalist which part of my comment sounds like trolling?

  9. Does anyone know what causes OCD and how to fix it? Many Thanks.

  10. green football green machine // 23rd August 2018 at 10:09 am //

    How do we get away from from our kids having to take the shots the schools are even sayin in order for the kids to go to school they need there shots and I know it’s bad so how do we get away from that?

    • green football green machine in certain states you can write a letter and have it notarized saying your child is exempt from mandatory school vax due to religious/philosophical or medical reasons. i did it in PA recently and it was surprisingly so easy.

    • Geraldine Hallelujah // 23rd August 2018 at 3:37 pm //

      At first I home schooled my daughter . Then she was accepted to a Christian private awesome high school but they don’t accept the religious exempt ( incredibly….but they are all 501 c3 and have to follow the government)..Thank God I met Dr Morse and I am detoxifying her and working on the adrenals and kidneys and cleaning her bowels. ..and the rest is praying..It’s heart breaking to me but like Dr Morse says we got to do our best.
      And I spaced out the vaccines too…..The health department poeple don’t like that but I told them how I wanted it to be done,!!!

    • I just wrote a religious exception got I am in NY dutchess county

  11. 27:51 yeah..when they advise me to do or no to do something..i say go fruit yourself..these ppl don’t have clue

  12. Morse Code = Love and Healing

  13. Morse Code = Love and Healing

  14. Kidney protection is good with blueberries, for me. I have bph and in the night flow is better when I retire any evening from consuming a handful. Get you berries , fruits and melons on…!

  15. I love Dr. Morse! I sent in a question April 9th. Are we that far behind or did my question get lost? I may just send it again. Does anybody know?

  16. I have been 85-95% raw my entire life 46yrs. And the energy and mental strength , physical flexibility and free from any pains, aches and emotional clarity is Incredible compared to many of the men and ladies I know who are not near a raw diet. The benefits are THE BEST, It’s fun and easy to do once you get into the simplicity lifestyle, it’s the best choice to make..for the best life.

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