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18 Comments on Q&A 502 – Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. Hi what can you tell me about swollen left eye and cyst on the right eye

  2. I just got the swollen left eye yesterday,the cyst a week ago it’s a tiny bit red and a bit white

  3. I did a grape fast recently! Thank you so much for all the information
    feel free to share my vlogs to inspire others, my heart beats per minute and blood pressure improved so much and also my eyesight 🙂

    keep up all the great work
    I am very Grapeful

  4. الطبخ الصحي العربي // 24th May 2019 at 9:08 pm //

    Hello from morocco

  5. Been loving all the new videos lately. They really help me stay true on my detox journey.

  6. Any long term fruitarianism here?

  7. Can you heal Lipodystrophy – servere insulin resistant , high triglycerides …I can’t gain leg thigh fat!

  8. KEEP EM‘ COMING DOC! Much Love!

  9. Thank you dr. Morse. You are amazing. !!!!

  10. You my friend are a inspiration and a legendary soul

  11. Yippyyyyyyyyy!!! WooHoooo!! Love me some Dr.Morse Wisdom! Xoxo

  12. Does gluten promote lymphatic stagnation?

  13. Dr what helps with vertigo??

    • Rodney Lockhart clean your gut thru juice fasting, take acitvated charcoal and eat raw foods mainly fruit. That worked for me but took some time.

  14. What is best herbs to get kidney filtering???

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