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23 Comments on Q&A 503 Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. Gynecomastia please….

  2. Low volume again! Please turn it UP. I hate having to plug an amplifier in but it is worth it for the great information.

  3. Jasmine Kia`RA Snow // 18th June 2019 at 9:57 am //

    your Wunderbar dr. Robert Morse lol great video thank you. Looking forward to meeting you. I would luv to work with you & Marcie.

  4. Everything is becoming auto immune these daya because more and more people are vaccinating. Like the sick youth you talk about often. They have been vaccinated the most. Vaccines contain foreign DNA which the imnune system attacks. Thats where the auto immune epedemic is stimning from. That and vitamin D deficiency. Vaccine manufacturers have not been held legally liable for what they are doing to the public sense that horrible law they passed in 1986.

  5. thank you

  6. Doc Im glad youre putting your videos on your site…. I was wondering what we will do when youtube goes away . remember if youre in TN to stop in

  7. Hello Everyone. We are a small team that creates and contributes transcriptions and translations on YouTube. We recently discovered Dr. Robert Morse videos. We would like to contribute by transcribing the videos (for people with special needs) and translating them in different languages (for more accessibility) to spread the message across more people. We want to take the teachings of Dr. Morse to the next level, and we will need the help of the community to do it. We already begun with some videos (check out our YouTube channel) and we will continue and dedicate more time and effort with your support. So, if anyone is interested in supporting us or contributing the translations with the languages they know, you can contact us (the info is in the About section of our channel). Thank you very much.

  8. I am really interested in the seminar/certificate program, Doc could you make a short video explaining this?

  9. Common ingredients of black salves include zinc chloride, chaparral (also known as creosote bush), and often bloodroot, a plant frequently used in herbal medicine. The extract of bloodroot is called sanguinarine, a quaternary alkaloid which attacks and destroys living tissue and is also classified as an escharoti

    Caster oil must be pure form to work lemons and limes everyday , this reality by far is a very difficult one to manage , too many temptations , Love your advise and info < )O(>
    Love to you and your’s < )O(>

  10. There are many different kinds of Frankincense. So a wide variety.
    My gallbladder is only working at an 82% and my doctor tryed to tell me that was still okay. I can tell when it is acting up because i have oil and extra sediments in my urine

  11. Yay! What a wonderful way to start my day! Another video from my HERO!! XOXO

  12. Love ya man always something to learn. Your a blessing to our world.

  13. Thank you for the awareness Robert Morse. Luv ya

    With Godgiven fruit.

  15. The online classes sound great!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into us in the online community because we’re soo far away!!! LoL… I tell people all the time we don’t know what we are… But when you questioned in this video made me laugh and smile… Good times All

  16. ♥️thanks again for you!!

  17. Please record in stereo. Easier to listen to

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