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Q&A 528 – Corona Virus, Prostate Cancer, Dermatitis, Adrenals

Hello dr Morses, My dad is 69 and has an aggressive form of prostate cancer. He has had it for 5 years and underwent radiation and cell toxins. It was already spread five years ago, which it is now. Two years ago, he changed his diet to a vegan diet. He lost weight and things seemed to be moving forward. Some metastatic stages disappeared in the skeleton and cancer did not grow much or decrease. He also had energy and worked as usual and was especially physically active during the first year through training. Now in August he changed his diet to mostly raw food and I have given him d vitamin, vitamin c and he gets bicarbonate, green juices, smoothies, superfoods and probiform. Also tested colloidal silver for a month with high doses. Then I bought home your detox cure for the lymph node in the bottle and enjoy and blow complex in the bottle. Also along with the capsules for kidneys and bladder and lymphatic systems. But the thing is that he is weak, has bad energy, is sad, angry and has pain throughout his body. He takes pain tablets against the pain in his back which he says comes from a dish brush a year ago. then a pain in the ribs and chest has come that hurts when he breathes and all the time. I don't know what else to do. Because I know that

Hello Dr.Morse. I appologize for my bad english,because i am from Slovenia. I am 35yrs old and being on 100%fruit detox with your herbs for 65days now. I am trying to heal my gut,adrenal glands,gut which is loud and i can feel every movement,kidney,lymphatic system and nodes, which i have swollened in my groins for last year and a half and my neck from my childhood,becauseall flu's that i had and antibiotics. I struggeled with dermatitis all my life and taking corticosteroids creams which shutted down my adrenal glands, i was just uneducated and misbelieved by the doctors that those creams dont make no harm. So now im following the protocol of yours,and i lost 15kg in 65days right now im 181cm and 65kg,still going down,last few days i couldnt walk cause my legs got swollen and had such a pain that i ended in ER. They diagnosed the blood clogs in my vein and gave me injections saying its a life threating situation,as i read the purpose- they shouldnt slow down the detox and so i decided to take them since it s serious conditi on. I never had such a problem before,i was athletic doing sports,my biggest problem was skin-as i thought. And right now i have for past few night high fever ,night sweat,dhiarreas,headhaches,tottally colaps of my body and im just hoping for some advice what to do with the clogs-if they dont fix in three weeks on it own i dont know what chemist ry they'll try to put inside me,my weight,im scared ill just vanish one day cause im just skin and bones already.My kidney filtration is just occassionally and im doing all i can to achieve that.

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  1. I love you

  2. First!!!! Lol

  3. Hope you are all well.

  4. A Combination of dr. Moss and dr. Joe dispenza you will be able to take on the world

  5. Blessings to all! I’m doing free audio iris analysis for the next week on my Instagram for anyone who is inspired to get into detox! @wolfvisions

  6. Yasss! I was waiting for your wise thoughts on the coronavirus.❤️

  7. Can some one tell me what Morse had to say about the corona virus? Don’t have the time to watch the entire thing and can’t wait for his input lol. Thanks in advance!

  8. I have the “Fruitarian” Bumper sticker on my car <3

  9. Lymph nodes are swollen, hair thinning, and major skin issues especially on my chin area, swell up easily, etc. I’m going to do the fruit diet but what herbs should I take?

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