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  1. Forrest Whittaker’s Eye // 4th February 2020 at 10:26 pm //

    Hey! Great to see you!

  2. After many years back to meat

  3. I just completed a 40 hour fast and am eating my fruit as I listen. ❤️

  4. Dr Morse is the man! He has such great informative info in his videos! He even inspired me to want to help people so I made a YouTube channel called Path to Wellness. Any support or feedback would be great!

  5. Forrest Whittaker’s Eye // 4th February 2020 at 10:29 pm //

    Can anyone tell me if a fruitarian diet can get rid of keloid scars?

  6. Doc its Ron from TN where ya been? LOL sorry I havent been around I switched jobs and its taking all my time

  7. This channel is a gem. I just learned about it 2 weeks ago and been binge watching ever since

  8. dr. morse, they are about to be held accountable.. Lotsa good news in the world of law…. Your REPRESENTATIVES are waiting for your calls! the legislature is the Court of Justice. we’ve been duped into going to Bar attorneys with grievances. Remonstrance with your Representatives instead! Head to the People’s House to get remedy!

  9. What’s your thoughts on pediatric brain tumors?

  10. Wonderful videos. The painting on back wall is like somethings i do. The information given here is priceless. Thank you. Just happened into some a day or two ago andwill be watching when can. A lot of it i know or can relate to with what i know already but you take it much further and deeper and so i am learning a lot too. You are a wise informed and experienced communicator and thank you for sharing all that. I did email a question but whether it gets an answer or not …there is a wealth of info here that is useable .

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