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  1. Dr Morse i loved your garden and home tour. Thank you for sharing with us and thank you for coming to teach and help us heal ourselves!!! I am on my road to Wellville, healing myself of 55 years of poor lifestyle choices and incredible acidosis. I am Also starting to share this journey with others and I am about to take my final exams with your Certification in Regenerative Detoxification. The course has been powerful and extensive. You are an absolute master of this work. Thank you from the very depths of my being. I love you!!

  2. Loved it watched a couple times your yard is incredible!!!And your Crystal’s and Buddha s beautiful!Your totally self sufficient with all your fruit❤

  3. “There is great joy in this world for those who are not attempting to use the world to fulfill themselves. There is great peace of mind in knowing you are here for a purpose. There is a great confirmation of your deepest feelings to know that your Teachers are with you. Your greatest fear is that the madness that you have created for yourself is in fact reality. Yet finding out that it is not, if you can really experience this, is such a joy.

    So proceed then with an open mind. You do not know the cosmology of the universe. You do not know how God acts or creates. You do not even know how your mind thinks or how your hand moves or why you feel certain things you feel or why you have hundreds of thoughts every hour. This life is wonderfully mysterious, yet if you are hell-bent upon fulfilling yourself, you miss all that. You are trying to get the things you want from everyone you come in contact with. You are like a person on a shopping spree, unmindful of anything else but getting the best deal. Life is this wonderful mystery, and you are on a shopping spree.”

    A quote from a book titled Wisdom from the Greater Community. It is one of the great books from The New Message from God, given now as a warning, a blessing and a preparation for a struggling humanity. I invite all of you to explore its teachings and read its books free online, at – *NewMessage org*

  4. LOVED the garden tour! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  5. Yes I really enjoyed the tour of your house c:

  6. If you can stay in the NOW as everyone else is losing their heads (and their MINDS) and just KEEP doing what YOU are doing, give yourself a big smiley face. Someone I know told me, “If you’re not with yourself all of the time, WHERE ARE YOU?” Just stay THERE (you know where it is, DOn’t follow your mind) AND DR MORSE, WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU SOMEDAY IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL FRUIT GARDEN AND HAVE SOME OF THOSE MONSTER MANGOES! YUM!

  7. Does anyone know how Dr. Morris feels about vasectomies?

  8. I loved your garden.❤ such pretty fruits!! Thanks for posting.

  9. one day i will have a mango tree in my backyard

  10. I absolutely loved seeing you in your element. I am supposed to be working with you some kind of way. I cant wait!

  11. Dr. Morse=the true gangster of “REAL HEALTH in accordance with nature” for the human body!

  12. As for the stats, the COVID19 stats are highly manipulated to advantage of Big Pharma, and the disadvantage of freedom.

  13. Ordered your book Miracle Detox. Appreciate you Dr. Morse.

  14. Hello my DEAREST ONE!!! YAY another BREATH of FRESH AIR!! XO

  15. I wish YouTube would let me share pictures on here! I want to show you all my progress in my eyes, you can see they are actually turning blue from green. Today when I took the pics, I can clearly see that the color of my eyes before were nothing but lymph! I am concerned though, I have a very large new line in my trachea and it has been difficult to breath lately especially when I wear a mask that i am forced to wear at work and at many stores. Going to try and send it to Dr Morse and if I am lucky, maybe he will share!

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