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  1. Thanks for everything ❤️❤️

  2. I’m on this journey because I suffered a severy concussion 3 years ago and the only diet that really got me out of painful migraines, vertigo and suicidal thoughts is this high raw fruitarian diet. I feel so blessed that I found dr. Morse and every day shines with so much hope and hapiness. I hope best healing to everyone. <3

  3. Any fruitarians who cured teeth issues ?

  4. “Always a great pleasure”… LIKEWISE!

  5. Wow he really understands what I’m going through lol

  6. Always good and valuable information. Keeping it simple is so important

  7. Interesting to note that the oppressive control system that we live conditions us to remain loyal to family, which due to the oppressive state of things, is very often the most toxic environment for us to remain attached to. Doc is right. Be very mindful of those around you.

  8. God bless you Dr Robert Morse..I have been a coward to go on the straight and narrow thus far…but know will never be forgotten …We will always look up to you and strive to be better for each other <3

  9. Always stoked to see you Dr. Morse!

  10. How do you get your questions and eye photos into Dr Morse?

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