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Q&A – 543 – Tightness in chest and throat, Difficulty Breathing, Detached retinas and maculas…

1:40 – Vin – Hi Dr Morse ,big fan of the knowledge and energy you give to others and helping us understand the amazing body we possess and how to get it back since most of us start wreaking havoc as early as childhood. I am currently on a juice fast( day 33) , trying to fix some thightness in the chest, and throat ,difficulty breathing at times, thinning of hair. I have experimented with pretty much all diets in my life so far in searching for the right one, but by far the biggest mistake I did was doing the ketogenic diet with all that meat and saturated fat, even avoiding fruit and veggies. Big mistake for sure, since that is when I started noticing some problems arise in the body. Anyway the juice journey began with drinking mainly carrot juice(5 litres) with little bit if fruit, recently I switched to orange juice (5L) since more astringent and should detox more rapidly, but since switching to orange I get major bloating and my gums got really inflamed and swollen with a disgusting odour especially at places where I have root canal and at places where I have new teeth due to old ones broken in a accident. Could it be detox? ,or too much acidiy from the oranges, not sure. I am switching back to carrot juice mainly with tomatoes and a little bit apples. I am very active to the point of overtraining at times , workout martial arts 5/6 days a week, so this tightness of chest and throat is giving me little bit of trouble, when I start training. Adrenals maybe? I had all my tonsils removed when I was a child, because this is what the medical community usually do when tonsils are swollen. I avoid doctors and medicine like the plague since I was 16 when I became more aware of what it does to other people of the world and began focusing more towards spiritual practises like astral projection, lucid dreaming, meditation, martial arts, self awareness,step by step diet searching etc. – all the wonder this reality offers…

18:48 – Tane – I am the patient with the detached retinas and maculas, celiac, interstitial cystitis, Epstien Barr, Raynauds. I forgot to mention that I purchased your Heal All Tea. The tea makes the burning of my interstitial cystitis so much more intense. Any suggestions to help this?
20:21 – Tane – I am a 55 year old woman. Please don't use my name if you read my letter. I have had 4 detached retinas and 2 detached maculas in my right eye and 1 detached retina in my left eye all in a 7 month period. I am now forming fiberous strands on my right eye and the doctors are scratching their heads. Needless to say my vision is now extremely limited. I was also diagnosed with celiac disease 8 years ago and have been gluten free for 8 years and raw for 2 months. I also have interstitial cystitis. This has all caused me to be unable to work. I have been listening to your videos and they have been helpful. I have been able to get your brain and nerve and upper circulation tinctures. I am saving to get your eye health. My question is I want to do some detox but I have a peanut allergy that is very severe. I have tried fenugreek only a couple of drops and wound up with a huge reaction. The reaction was the same type anaphylactic reaction that I have with peanuts. So I researched and found out that you can have an allergy to fenugreek if you have a peanut allergy. Alot of your formulas have fenugreek in them. What would you suggest I try? I was also to have you address what I can take with allergy. Since I am unemployed and have denied disability from these eye problems can I get some assistance with your protocols. I am a family nurse practitioner and I would like to get better as I really have loved helping my pateints achieve wellness p and you are answering my questions and I really want to help my patients again. I was working at Progressive Medical with Dr. Gez Agolli and we did alot education but your teaching has answered many questions I had as to why patients would only get so far in healing and then would hit a plateau and did not seem to progress further. I am hoping that would like to be able to see better in order to do the CD's and iridology class so that I can be a provider for the healing that you teach. Thank you for your help that you give to people that is what I love about healing.
26:19 – MI – I am on detox 1 and half month.I do just water fasting combine whith juicing fruits and fruits and herbs. I was not on medications,not on operation,I was vegetarian vegan and raw vegan.I am years not eating animal products and juicing blending and drinkking regulary.My pains in area where I have endometriosis are non stop from morning till evening that strong I can not even walk.Also my face is always clogged dirty pores and pus rashes. I need to know what I can do it whith pain what I can take it for pain releasing.

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  1. Devon the black Air Bender // 27th August 2020 at 6:54 pm //

    Breathwork helps

  2. PREISING PRODUCTIONS // 27th August 2020 at 7:04 pm //

    Dear Dr. Morse, thank you so much for opening our eyes and making our family healthier and stronger! In return, my wife and I would love to give you one of our handmade Faraday Pouch/Bag (Leather or Non-Leather exterior) that will protect your health and identity against 5G, radiation, hacking/tracking, etc! We pray you see this, so, we could show our support somehow. God Bless!

  3. Anyone from the UK?

  4. Dr Morse.. i must say i love love your channel blessed up concern is i always have stomach aches when i eat every single day whether its little or a lot of food my stomach hurts!!! Sometimes i cry of the fact i cant eat without having pain …what could it be and why and what test should i do if necessary and if its minor what can i do for a cure peace love thank you.?

  5. The smell in the mouth was probably from chemicals in/on the orange. It’s hard to find clean, natural fruit these days.

  6. Love you too

  7. Very good as usual

  8. what to do when you want to eat 100% fruits but craving salt? and fat?

  9. Thank you Doc ❤️

  10. Loss of hair can also be nutritional deficit.

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