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QA – 544 – Neurofibromatosis, Sepsis & Meningitis, Kidneys, Oral Thrush, Free Radicals.

3:15 – Amara – I am a 27 year old woman from Pakistan. I have neurofibromatosis type 1 by birth.I have tried everything from homeopathy to eastern medicine. Now i am considering grape fast. I have tried being 100 percent vegan before. Please tell me how can I go with grape diet and do not gwt low of feel dead. I have a full time job that I cannot risk. I hate my neurofibromatosis condition plus i think i have some anxiety issues as well.

13:41 – Lisa – Please could you tell me why some people get sepsis & meningitis & how it can be treated? Also, my daughter sometimes complains of burning when she has a wee and it feels like she has to keep going even though there is nothing there. Is this a urinary infection? If so, how do I prevent & treat it in an 8 year old girl?

20:27 – Vanda – And what about molecular hydrogen it is acidic or alkaline to body? It is helping with very big pain. Not necessary take painkillers

22:11 – I am on my 12th day of detoxification, 100% fruit, and it's been 4 days since my kidneys are no longer filtering! I use your plant formulas well. Do you have an explanation? A big thank you for your work.

24:23 – John – I’ve oral thrush for 10 years, nothing seems to work, my candida is in mycelium stage. Stomach pain every day, diarrhea, skin issues, migraine, etc. Where to start?

30.02 – Elaine – I’ve been watching many of your YT videos & learning lots. I did a 5 day organic grape fast earlier in this year. I was doing fine but then I broke out in poison ivy rash all over various parts of my body. After this happened, I came across your chart of 3 levels of outcomes from this fast. I saw poison ivy in the 3rd severe column. (I had previously had 5 years or more of bad poison ivy breakouts & got steroid shots each time but none for last 3 years living in a new place.). As I understand it, that means my kidneys, adrenals & lymph are not really working since this came out my skin? I’ve since had 2 more such occurrences. Can you advise me on how to proceed? I do have a sauna. Should I use that everyday? Do I need some herbs? I feel overwhelmed at where to start. Also if I send in my iris pictures, what’s the best way to capture them clearly? I hope this reaches you. I appreciate all you do & are doing for humanity.

39:57 – Lisa – I am trying to understand how free radicals fit in with the cellular waste of our bodies. I totally agree that it’s best to keep it simple but I was asked about it recently. I know the medical community like to call the collection of free radicals & other cellular waste as oxidative stress.

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  1. blessings

  2. Commenting on the guy who has had an issue filtering kidneys for four days; is it possible there is just an overload of toxins trying to filter at once and blocking the kidneys?

  3. May pH balance become mankinds Norm eternal

  4. So glad for these videos

  5. 3 Dr Morse vids in 1 week Thank u Dr

  6. Thank~You~* Dr Morse~* Always So Inspiring!! Giving Thanks!!

  7. Where can i buy the book? Is at amazon?

  8. Goddess of The Highest Bliss // 28th August 2020 at 6:24 pm //

    Always so wonderful and refreshing. Starting another lemon fast tomorrow.
    Then my herbs and tinctures in a couple of days with it .
    Woman up .
    I started before and got more than halfway through my protocol. Lost my sweet dog of 15 years and then my Mom and now maybe my Dad . But I have to take care of me and trust in God. Thank you so much for all your teachings . So much of this I knew from others and you put great new value !

  9. Goddess of The Highest Bliss // 28th August 2020 at 6:25 pm //

    Kidneys were not feeling since I was young and my grandmother treated me with lemon water and fresh oranges . A habit I followed for years. Until I tried to live like “everyone else”.
    Not an excuse.
    Your teachings make sense .
    My body responds. I will update as I go .

  10. Have you heard of the smart coffee/ Your Cup of Happy? If you have any advice I would appreciate. Thank you so much.

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