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Q&A 547 – Secondary Breast Metastatic carcinoma.

21:00 – M – ln October the 2018 scans showed i had cancer spots in rib cage, hips ,spine and my right leg femur had thinned down from the cancer spots. They called it Secondary Breast Metastatic carcinoma. They did do a biopsy on the leg but for some reason it did not work but i refused to have them do another one. I refused chemo and radiation . My brother wrote you about my case in October 2018 and in your reply video you suggested a citrus and grape 40 day fast. so thats what I did. lts important to mention my past history-ln 2009 i had a lumpectomy in my right breast. The cancer was classified as low grade, however I had two and half months of intensive radiation on the right breast. I had a biopsy of my lymph nodes only under the right arm-none were taken out. I have no gall bladder it was removed because of large stones in 2006. I was seeing biochemist for seven months that would read my blood and he gave me supplements and herbs-he believed in the power of fruits but did not understand the lymphatic system and kidney filtration. I have been guided by your Counselor since July last year 2019. I have been on your herbs and glandular s since then . I have now been on mostly fruit since October 2018. I have done a citrus and grape fast for 40 days eating and juicing. 12 day juice fast ora nges, mango,gra pe and a72 day citrus/grape fast and veggie broth liquid only. only fast where I expelled a lot of parasites And old waste . l'm currently on another juice fast 7 days so far – drinking juices (grapefruit and citrus,coconut water, grapes, celery/parsley/cilantro/cucumber/beetroot/ginger/turmeric/lemon veggie juice to pull on the heavy metals and eating papaya only

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  6. I can’t wait for the new formulas

  7. Brains are acid forming! (:

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