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Q&A 548 – Fibroids, Vaccinated, Intense Healing Crisis Symptoms.

7:16 – Martine – Since March 2020, I have been searching for natural ways to cure fibroids and lam learning a lot during this journey about what causes developing fibroids. The common factor from all the contents that l could access online is "tox ins in my body", but since I started watching your videos l got clarity for even other health issues that I have. Let me start from the beginning. As far as I can remember, I have been the unhealthy kid among all my siblings. I was always sick but my sickness was mostly attributed to the fact that I was not eating. Lack of appetite…

30:19 – Jill – A little history on me, in November of last year I had a total hip replacement, left side. At the time I was 45 years old. It was something that couldn't be avoided as I had exhausted all options. I felt much better after surgery but needed to really focus on my health. Anywho, I was getting it together, doing my PT and swimming everyday and getting stronger, then the shutdown happened. I live in California, as you know, governor Newsom shut it all down. I went through a bit of sadness but then worked my way out of it. In May I found you and I've been right ever since. Everything you talk about makes perfect sense to me. From the lymphatic system and getting that functioning correctly to the kidney and adrenals and GI tract. I'm still learning and am gobbling up your videos. I started from the beginning and I am working my way to forward, although I do also watch every new video you post. I also listen to your podcast… What do we do if we have to be vaccinated?

44:03 – Diederik – First of all, thank you thank thank you, you're awesome. My partner Marcela and I love what you teach and have gradually made our way to an all raw diet since the birth of our son, Koa, two years ago. Since arriving in Costa Rica 3 months ago and living purely on fruits, our detoxification intensified and we've gone through quite a few healing crisis symptoms… That's fine and we trust the process but now Koa is going through something very painful and seems to only be getting worse. We would appreciate any advice or remedy you may have to help us. First Marcela had a fever for a few days and developed painful swollen gums and many sores on her tongue and palate. The fever faded and the pain is now a lot less but the strong smell from her mouth remains fungus? Koa got a fever 5 days ago a week after Marcela and immediately had many sores on his inner lips as well as swollen gums. They have grown in size and number since and he now also has them on the skin around his mouth and on his tongue. They are white and have redness of inflammation around, some are now bleeding, probably from irritation. He is still breastfeeding and now does so all day and night, he manages to drink some coconut water and watermelon juice but nothing else as it is painful and he cries.

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  1. Hello, missed you. Have a safe and Happy Holiday.❤

  2. Liegeless Impressions // 24th December 2020 at 12:08 am //

    It’s 6:54 pm, on Dec. 23, in Englewood, Fl, and 64 degrees. Port Charlotte’s temperature is also 64 degrees. My family just relocated to Florida, and ( my wife and I) dropped by your location last month to pickup some herbs. Thank your for your knowledge and skills, but most of all, for sharing them.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us through the busy season! We love you and can’t wait for the new herbs to come in <3

  4. Spend some time out in nature as well, if you can

  5. Cops don’t even work on statutory laws any more. Them and thier judge buddies just try to make up law as they go.

  6. I remember when Robert was talking about the calcium buffering system in the body and gave a case study about a lady who was in a degenerative state, felt dizzy etc so went to hospital and they found high levels of calcium in the blood. They prescribed calcium suppression drugs – a few hours later she was gone.

    The calcium was there due to the high acidity of her blood – removing the buffer removed the only thing keeping here body here.

    I remember watching this video, 2 weeks after my father passed away who had the exact same story – he passed away a year ago from calcium suppression drugs during his treatment. Obviously his lifestyle got him to that degenerative state, but he just got finished off with lack of true knowing.

    Thanks Robert for sharing this case study , I lived this experience.


  7. Dr. Morse, thank you for making this video.

  8. 3 thumbs down…seems the vaccine has done some brain damage to at least 3 people. You rock, Doc! Kind regards from Ohio!

  9. A gypsy herbalist/veterinarian said she carried a lemon with her when traveling for vaccines that needed to be given to her dog. She would immediately slice the lemon and press and wrap it around the spot. Follow that with a fast and herbs.

  10. The legislation just passed to allow children as young as 11 to consent to vaccines after being informed is crazy. The only way the guardian/parent would know is if the child told them. The record will be hidden from normal medical records accessed by parents. It will be shared with institutions to show immunity.

  11. every year there is the flu.
    in 2020, the flu is renamed covid-19.
    and declared a pandemic

  12. When you´re the watcher you get to see all your treasures, when you´re busy thinking you simply can´t see them!! Beautiful… it just blew my mind, so true!

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