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Q&A 552 – HTMA, Master Plants, Gender Fluidity.

12:35 – I noticed that Dr. Morse offers HTMA through the clinic. I also notice that he does not really mention it much. May I ask why? I understand that HTMA’s properly interpreted, are highly beneficial, especially for long term detoxers but also short term too! The reason I ask, is that I have noticed that some people cannot do the fruit detox, vegetables or herbs and it is not due to the lack of trying, commitment or poor diet habits. But due to the imbalances of minerals in their bodies.

48:03 – I would like to say that I love you very much, and to thank you for the time and energy you put informing us. It has promoted a real transformation in my own, including my family’s lives. I am writing because I would like to listen to you about master plants, the ones that can merge within our body, to help us calm the mind. For example, Master beings who come in form of a tree or plant. I would like to hear, in your own words, something about what you know regarding this subject. Thank you very much again for what you do for our species.

58:23 – I have been playing around with a questionnaire template for clients, which I am likely to delete. I wondered whether there is a place for a section on gender fluidity in cases that are dealing with hormonal medications and/or gender reassignment surgeries. I would not have a clue where to begin with a case like this or even the etiquette around how to address an individual “correctly.”

1:06:23 – I know vaccines are bad; will detoxifying eliminate the harmful effects of past vaccines? How do we travel Internationally? I had to get a whole bunch of vaccines when I went to Costa Rica. What do we do if they force the COVID vaccine?

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  2. so much love to you! you are such a strong beeing, you make me shake

  3. I dinks yoo betta tawk ya susquash an find out whad hees aboudt.. Hees tawking fwuits an herbs tew… I dinks he lives in the wilderness with da wolfs maybees… He liveded off of berry melons an papiyahas so yoo betta check yoo yard or da encanted foorest cuz he may be livin dere an be eetin yoo fwuits up an itz nod da flys eeder okie..

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