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Q&A 557 – Autism, Lupus, Depot Injections, Mucus Production.

16:04 – Tammy – I wanted to share with you (I was given permission) a client of ours who is detoxing her child of autism. Her baby is now 3 years oldThe day she expelled this black stuff in her urine is the day that she recognized her mommy. Mom started seeing major changes in her child. Mom is still working with us and correcting her baby.

25:47 – Sarah – grew up eating meat at least twice per day, and by the time I was 24 had a whole host of chronic complaints which was eventually diagnosed as “Lupus.” Thanks to your YouTube videos, I have now been vegetarian for the past 5 years, and I made the full transition to raw/fruitarian three years ago. I followed your 14-week protocol with the herbs twice and had quite the detox experience which is a story for another time. I’m 31 now. Since I found you and started diving into this lifestyle, my health has done a 180. My little daughter, six weeks old, was stitched together with fruit. It was my first pregnancy, and it was so easy on me. No morning sickness; no fatigue. I gained 19lbs from a healthy weight, eating 80% fruit on a raw diet, and I was able to stay very active right up to the day of birth.

39:02 – Matthew – I wanted to know what Dr. Morse thinks of depot injections that psychiatrists give particularly Clopixol and Abilify and their effect on the human body and brain on firstly a chemical level? I’m unsure if he’s ever looked into this topic of done a video on it? I ask this because I was suddenly forced to get these injections, due to various fabricated stories about me, and it damaged my heart, made me gain a massive amount of weight and put me 1 point off having diabetes. I was as elite level fitness just prior to this.

47:02 – Alexandros – I’m 38, vegan, mostly raw, have two degrees in nutrition. I’ve been following Dr. Morse for some time, and I’ve just became a member to the site. I agree totally with everything Dr. Morse says, I have deep knowledge of Biochemistry and nutrition, but the only thing I have not met in academic literature is the biochemical connection between dairy products, grains, and increased mucus production from the body. Is there any research on this?

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