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16 Comments on Q&A – 562 – Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. Nicholas Shelson // 4th May 2021 at 9:29 pm //

    Thank you as always. Much love from Canada

  2. awesome . love your videos good sir . please keep them coming . God bless

  3. Love his videos. Just pray that the Beijing Biden gestapo doesn’t come after him…

  4. Gooooood stuff

  5. ❤ALWAYS !

  6. Everytime I see a new video I get so happy. I honestly want to devour an entire watermelon all of a sudden

  7. Woohoo! And its not even Friday!! Xoxo hugs for all!

  8. Nice! I went on 100 days of Grapes I move on to Oranges 5 3x a day. Then Lemons. Now I’m mixing, Oranges for breakfast, Grapes for Lunch & oranges for dinner. I find myself having Drainage from my sinuses. I’m filtering sites days and not some days. I suppose to be going soon for a breast biopsy, which In leaning on the side of not. I’m praying when I do go back for my appointment the growth is not there. Prayers! God knows I showed up in it & did my part. Now I’m praying he Shows up and shows out. Faith without work is DEAD. Oh, and of course the herbs.

  9. Sending a big bunch of flowers and a big hug to you dr m and so much gratitude tooo

  10. ❤️

  11. Hey all! I’m learning so much!! Who is Pat? And what class is he talking about? The ones on his website? Thanks in advance!!!

  12. He who speaks DOES NOT KNOW . He who knows DOES NOT SPEAK. eyes, mind, heart and soul wide open . NO FEAR .

  13. I have to distract the bees to get the BlackBerries or they gobble em up hahaha

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