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6 Comments on Q&A 564 – Time Stamps Coming Soon

  1. He knows his stuff

  2. robert travistext // 13th May 2021 at 11:49 pm //

    Dr morse is my GOD .

  3. There’s KFC in the fridge, pasta and pasta spag bol also… Such I felt tested.. Yet, i don’t want to stink anymore, i don’t want to burn, i don’t want to experience the fear of dead animals, i don’t want to waste food also, yet if the food damages me and i have proper food(fruit) to eat, then i also choose now to start smelling good and feeling good and i do want to experience the Nowness of God.. No longer wasting away, rather saving my health for the sake of all beings whom have to interact with me. Especially my stream viewers. Thank you Robert Morse, praise God. Yay for Nature!

  4. Woo-hoo! LOVE me some Dr. MORSE!! ❤

  5. I want to appreciate Dr Akhimien on YouTube for curing my diabetes permanently, although i have tried different herbal remedies i always failed am so great full Dr Akhimien.

  6. Sooooo appreciate your being Dr Morsend!

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