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27 Comments on Q&A133 – Avocados, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatitis B…

  1. bless the true and living god who blesses with love and grace and feeds us living water! and thank you for helping us correct our destructive way of maintaining our temple !!!

  2. What about healing seizures? Have you ever helped anyone heal their epilepsy?

  3. TheWizardofGardening // 22nd October 2013 at 7:34 pm //

    He has helped people get their bodies healthy from everything.

  4. we love u Doc!

  5. Love Love Love You. I am so happy I came across your site. I need this in my life,I have Lupus,and other junk,and am wanting this so bad. You have more education in your little pinky than anyone I have met. Love it!

  6. Dr Morse, thank God I found you!! I’ve suffered all my life, ready now to be healed!!

  7. I want to stand up and clap at certain parts of this video…. luv it!

  8. How can I get him to read my eyes!

  9. thank you so much for the insite. I will be listening and I truely appreciated it.

  10. Fabulous: Astringent, magnetic/electrical foods – I get it! Iridology part is insightful too. Thank you Dr Morse.

  11. Do your EYES can’t even see your EYES!!!!! I would love to see what you see in your eyes.

  12. Love you Dr Morse. Your info on detox has worked for me in just 6 months. I have at least 2 years left. I will never eat meat, or dairy again!!!!!!blessed

    Your Lymph

  14. Just found another hero on YouTube.

  15. SomeOne Ethereal // 18th May 2018 at 4:31 pm //

    Much love to everyone, may we keep our strong will to embrace the True works of the creator, and love our new organic cells.

  16. That eye analysis was very eye opening to me. I was very impressed as I never seen anything like that. Brilliantly displayed and demonstrated Dr.Morse.

  17. It is surprising that Dr. Morse seems to have excess fat. If the diet is so healthy, why is this? I am not criticing, I am discerning. I really am trying to determine how to get healthier.

  18. Very informative you are, from someone who has been around this for forty years… have you ever heard of Dawson Church and his research? His books on clinical eft with over 100 clinical trials and his books ‘The genie in your genes’ and ‘ Mind to matter’. He works with Dr Joe Dispenza and Donna Eden and her husband. I use a variety of tools and you are one of the people I ‘consult’. Thank u for sharing. I also wonder if you follow Sherry Strong and her Sugar Freedom Program.

  19. i am so happy thta i live in Mexico!! Melons and citrus fruit all year around.Its february and i just bough some juicy mangos,pineapples and watermelon,all in season!!!

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