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18 Comments on Q&A143 – Skin Rash, Breast Feeding, Bells Palsy

  1. I just found out that Kale contains omega 3, amongst the magnesium, calcium etc etc etc
    Kale = AWESOME !!

  2. I bought some organic purple cauliflower from Whoelfoods today, looks freakin awesome !!
    Bought lots of organic kale too. To think that 10 years ago i was a manic depressive/alcoholic to raw, organic, vegan endurance athlete, miracles anyone ? 😀

  3. Dr.morse or anyone else, can you juice normal grass ? I’m certain this would be highly nutritious like wheatgrass ? Thanks

  4. I love you, Dr. Morse! Thank you for all you do!! oxox <3 )))

  5. Latest health news – ScienceDaily (Aug. 15, 2012)
    Previously Unknown Cleaning System in Brain, ‘Glymphatic System’
    A previously unrecognized system that drains waste from the brain at a rapid clip has been discovered by neuroscientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

  6. Latest health news – August 16, 2012 (Psyorg)
    Turmeric spices up virus study: New research shows curcumin stops virus cells

    The popular spice turmeric packs more than just flavor — it shows promise in fighting devastating viruses, Mason researchers recently discovered.

  7. I love this man! Keeping it real! Question, I am eating and juicing grapes but the grapes are making me go a lot. My BM is loose. What causes this?

  8. Does anyone know of a good anatomy book? One that shows the lymphatic system, glandular system, and the nervous system, as well as all the organs/glands?

  9. are their any herbs for hyperthyroid i may take?
    and connective tissue?

  10. A NEW MOTHER!!! (scough!!!) You tell em Dr. Morse!!. I hope the doctors out there witnessing this wonderful human being/healer/doctor taking peoples’ bodily complaints very seriously, will finally wake the hell up and get a clue. Ive been ill for 15 years plus. It started very subtley just like with this young “new” mom. I was told it was post tramatic stress from childhood!!. Now my body is all screwed up, many years, doctors, and loss of everything, later. Oh GOD, how I love you…

  11. and appreciate you Dr. Morse. And to all the people who want to “practice on human bodies please, please start off by listening to your patient with the intent to research and work hard to help them instead of pass the buck off to another. For what you are being paid, your patient deserves to be truely helped by you. Its about their health NOT your wealth…

  12. hey doc, I have a girlfriend on bioidentical therapy for 4 years. she is starting to run into problems and thinking of taking testosterone to balance herself. I tell her she’s crazy messing with her hormones. have you or can you do a show on BIH therapy? the benefits/dangers with examples of women that you have helped with hormone issues? this would make for a great show. thanks…

  13. You make me feel happy ty

  14. He has a thyroid formula, and a bones formula which would be good for connective tissue. For this I have also read that Gotu Kola is beneficial. Remember acids cause hyper activity plus rob calcium from connective tissue.

  15. Sorry to hear of your long ill health and typical non remedy with the MD’s. I had a few health problems over almost six years now, some of my creation and some of the medical systems. At least now you can get on the journey of restoring your DNA back to it’s blueprint.

  16. My seven year old niece had Eczema as a baby. Four weeks ago she broke her left arm, and I’ve noticed the skin on the palm of her left hand has become all dry, scaled and flaky. This appears something like eczema. So is it reasonable to think that a broken arm would worsen an auto-immune condition, and just the hand of the arm that was broken? How absurd. How about the acids created by the injury are getting expectorated through the skin because her kidneys aren’t filtering them.

  17. What herbs are acceptable to take for kidneys and adrenals while breastfeeding.

  18. Dr Morse! I love you! been following you for a year now. High fruit and herbs/vegan diet cold turkey quit all animal and so much has shifted physically and energetically! can’t wait to do your level 1!

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