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Questions & Answers 206 – See Description for Details.

Questions & Answers 206

02:45 — Carol — It has come to my attention that the fruits and vegetables (for the most part — store bought) may be enzyme deficient (poor soil) and I am wondering what you guys think about it.

15:46 — Carol — If you are filtering should you stop the Lymphatic formulas and Kidney formulas? At what point can you stop? Is it better to stop the herbs when you cannot find ripe fruit such as in the winter and pick it back up when they are available since the herbs work best when eating fresh fruit?

18:31 — James — What's Dr. Morse's opinion on grounding our body to the earth and what effects does that have on our health?

23:09 — Songcather86 — I just found out I have cataracts. Surgery has been recommended. Does anyone have any advice on this issue?

26:50 — Timmy — Dr. Morse, how are glandulars any different than digestive enzymes? Enzymes stop your body from producing its own, so why wouldn't glandulars atrophy the glands in the same way?

32:21 — John — I am helping a reformed alcoholic who still has stomach damage and ulcers after a year of temperance. His diet was the usual bane of much dairy, meats, and processed starches.

36:13 — Bryndis — My friend's daughter has been in a hospital in Iceland for some months now. The doctors talk about having a disease in her colon, but they don't have a name, and actually it seems like they do not have control over anything. They have been experimenting with different drugs.

40:31 — Anett — I am a 27-year-old woman and was born cross-eyed. My left eye looks to the left when I look straight ahead. When I was 5-years-old it was corrected somewhat through surgery. Now my eyes to the left only when I get tired and stop focusing.

47:40- Brandon — I have many fillings in my mouth from when I was younger and not taking care of my teeth and eating the wrong foods. Should I look into having some of these mercury fillings replaced with the ceramic fillings, or should I start fruit fasting and take herbs to see if my body will naturally push some of these out?

51:57 — James — What's your opinion on Pomegranates for moving lymph?

53:06 – Margo Mango — A close person in my life was born with a rare genetic disease niemann-pick disease. This is a metabolic disease and the main symptom is an enlarged spleen. Do you have any recommendations on how he could improve this?

57:24 — Jay — I have a question about building muscles, since I'm a weight lifter we eat high protein to build bigger muscles. How can one build big lean muscles from eating fruit all day?

1:06:09 — Pat — Enzymes, Probiotics, and Dan McDonald.

1:08:49 — Marie-Anna — A daughter of a friend of mine has been diagnosed with an aneurism between the two parts of the brain and has severe headaches.

1:12:19 — Krysta — Update after 5 months grape fast.

1:21:13 — Chad — What do we do about dental disease? Should I take a Thyroid glandular for my Parathyroid since the Parathyroid is important to calcium utilization? How do I alkalize my saliva?

1:27:55 — Vivek — I've been on a high raw diet with lots of fruits and vegetables for a while and I have a lot of energy. My eyelids twitch a lot daily and before that my nose used to twitch which has now stopped. I get bloated after eating, my digestion is slow and I get a lot of gas. Could this be parasites or Mercury toxicity.

1:31:26 — Pamela — My 38-year-old sister has had her gallbladder out a few years ago due to pain & gallstones after many years of digestive problems. She finally figures out that she can't have gluten & other foods due to allergies. What are your thoughts on what causes people to have problems absorbing fructose?

1:42:08 — John — Pinched nerve — What can I have done physically to my shoulder to help prevent this from coming back? I feel that this will keep coming back since I cannot endure the pain of letting this issue heal properly.

1:49:42 — Chad — A debate that is common within the raw food community is over how much to eat. Always feeling hungry.

1:57:46 — Dot — Can you reverse TMJ? I am in the process of losing weight, possible to have some baggy skin snap back?

2:00:05 — Mary — Stopping the Endocrine gland formula. Acne went away and have had a heavy period.

2:06:05 — Brianna — Follow up on Nature's Sunshine seminar I went to.

2:16:48 — Susie — I have Multiple Sclerosis. I use fore arm crutches to walk. I take an oral drug for fatigue. Should I stop taking these drugs and Detox myself?

2:22:44 — Nancy — Suffered with chronic constipation all my life. I have panic attacks, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, Fibromyalgia/CFS, cognitive impairments, short term memory loss, hypothyroidism, low blood pressure, depression, PTSD and have made two suicide attempts back in 2002.

20 Comments on Questions & Answers 206 – See Description for Details.

  1. almost 3 hours of Dr. M! it doesn’t get better than this!

  2. Dr.morse I just wanted to say that i love you (:-
    Thankyou so much for changing our lives

  3. Just to let folks know I pretty much blew the chronic fatigue I was experiencing from the flu out of the water in three days by drinking one pint of green juice per day, fruits and fruit smoothies and taking some adaptogenic herbs. Some hemp protein I feel helped too. That’s it, and rest. I truly feel there is no human dis-ease this strategy  cannot help. My journey to well-ville was through 10 years of suicidal depression and 5 years of serious alcoholism. CURED in one year with juices and herbs, significant benefits in one month. Side effects, stretch marks on my back gone, acne gone, ears no longer need syringed every 6 months and my digestion, oh my, talk about fixed. Eyesight is improved, memory and concentration improved. You get the picture. I’ve now evolved into spiritual learing after 6 or so years on the juices and raw foods, herbs. I’ve ran marathon and done triathlon. lol Trying to have more balance in my life these days. Exercise is addictive.

  4. I’ve always been curious as to why I no longer need my ears syringed every 6 months since juicing. What would be the reason ? What process in my body have I cleared up that before was causing the wax build-up ? Dr.Morse or anyone else ?

  5. Love you Dr m’ you help keep me strong and knowledgeable with every vid you come out with’ keep em coming please your helping lots of people, good karma for you!

  6. on the topic of mercury fillings and twitching. i suffered with “restless leg” for a couple years. i’d experience severe spasms and leg cramping on a regular basis, and it eventually became pretty much every single night. 1.5 years ago i had my 2 amalgams replaced with composites. i had the spasms for two more nights and i have not experienced a single incident since.

  7. What diet and lifestyle would you recommend for someone that is going to operate on one kidney?  This person is going to donate one to her older sister. I already know protein and starches are a big no no. What about exercise? Such as weight lifting? As much as I dont like the idea of people donating kidneys, atleast I can give them a heads up on what to be aware of and what the consequences are with having one kidney. Thank you Dr Morse

  8. thank you Dr. Morse! <3 

  9. Dr Morse an update for you on my gene therapy. The doctors have told me that a gene deletion (CNGA3) is present in my DNA and the gene therapy will attempt to replace that. My question to you is this: These doctors are telling me that genetic deletions and mutations cannot be repaired naturally. I’ve mentioned to them that I’m on a high fruit diet and also fasting and taking herbs. They are very dismissive of my belief that I can cure or at least help this condition naturally. They then proceeded to reinforce the fact that gene deletions cannot be repaired by giving me detailed explanations as to why it cannot be repaired. Is this true in your opinion? If it is then it is a major blow to me knowing that I cannot escape this condition of my retina. The thought of having this for the rest of my life is crushing.  

  10. TheWizardofGardening // 20th November 2013 at 11:17 pm //

    Thanks you always for your videos, I tell everyone about you and have referred SO many to your videos. A happy day is when I see you put out a new video.

  11. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 21st November 2013 at 8:33 am //

    hi dr morse, sending love, thanksgiving and appreciate your way. warm hugs. have a very blessed month & more this xmas time and new year XXX <3

  12. Thank you so much for answering my question about cataracts. I have put off my surgery for at least 6 months. I just needed some encouragement to get started as my doctor told me changing my diet won’t help. Today is day one of cleaning up my lymph fluids. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going. Lot’s of love to you.

  13. My Wonder Filled Life // 22nd November 2013 at 9:19 pm //

    As usual you give people such love and hope. You are a blessing. Love you Dr Morse

  14. my goodness! change that flippin music at the beginning, its the worst??????

  15. I think the biggest problems are the pesticides and GMO crops.  Buy organic is not an option for many people because of financial difficulty.  Being on a fixed income prevents many to indulge if food that is twice expensive.

  16. I did get the remark about the world bank…Good one Doc. I’m on a Dr Morse video marathon these days. Great stuff, I’m so glad about all these new ones coming! Much love

  17. 00:47:43 – 23 yrs old mostly raw for 3 years. Get the mercury fillings out. This is a lymphatic problem more than not taking care of teeth. Root canal at 11 yrs old. Neuro-Lymphatics front/back clean out kidneys and lymphatics. Get rid of metals in the mouth. Too much evidence. Better to have a dentist that use wood planks and hammer them up in there. See if body will naturally push some of these out. Am I too far gone to do anything with it? There have been cases of third sets of teeth. Acidosis, weakening of the mouth. 20 yr olds will be . Go to Thailand and get fresh fruit all the time and regeneration of teeth is possible.

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