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Questions & Answers 207 – See Description for Details.

Questions & Answers 207

2:39 — FlyingWithHorses — I'd appreciate your insights into the following, as there is a media war being waged against fructose and I'd love help with how to bring sense to some debates which have been coming my way regarding juiced fruit.

8:22 — Joshua — My mother recently had a biopsy of her vaginal wall for cancerous cells. The cells are stage 3 cancer cells, but don't seem to exist elsewhere after this removal. I Purchased the Female Reproductive and encouraged her to eat raw fruits, any other recommendations?

13:35 — Brianne — I have a question about herbs. In nature, we would naturally be attracted to fruit of course. However, I can't see myself being attracted to herbs, as they are bitter and distasteful. Aren't we meant to eat what we would naturally be attracted to in a tropical climate?

22:58 — MaryJane- Herbs and toxicity

25:35 — Liz — Rheumatoid Arthritis/Master Cleanse

27:45 — Bryndis — Emma, 10-year-old and Olly, 71-year-old. Olly has been struggling with pain in her hips for 14 years and at the same time had dizziness, and has many times fallen on the floor; Has been getting worse now. Has a hard time holding things with her right hand. She has difficulty standing and numbness in her right leg and feels like her tongue is in the way when she speaks. Please see Q&A 206 at 36:13 for additional information regarding Emma.

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  1. always so helpful  :*)

  2. Thanks mate!

  3. TheWizardofGardening // 21st November 2013 at 1:51 am //

    Thanks for all you do DOC

  4. You mentioned you froze a tincture. Do you freeze all your tinctures? Would this affect the chemistry or strength of the tinctures? 

    Also, I’m wondering how you get that plastic seal around the caps of your tincture bottles. I’m in the process of starting up a herbal business and I’d love some insight on these things. If you’d like to add anything that’d be great too! Love you Dr M 🙂

  5. With regards to fruit. I grew my own pears this year. They remained very hard on the tree. Inedible really. I had to pick them before winter. Even when in the bowl they barely ripened and what happened was that they became wrinkly. At no time from birth till death did the pear becoming appealing to eat. Which I found VERY interesting.

    • +rawkingkong Thanks. The same thing happens with apples. VERY hard on the tree and they remain inedibly hard for several weeks after picked. Then they soften slightly and are tasty to eat BUT in a true natural situation this would not be condusive to human existence. We need food/sustenance right away. It’s my belief we ARE meant to eat meat (not the meat available today though) and also fruits and vegetables. Berries in particular. I grow my own blueberries and they are fantastic eaten straight from the bush. I mean in the wilderness what’s going to be more appetising, a fruit tree or roaming buffalo ? I know what my senses tell me. The buffalo.

  6. ‘You can’t cut off your supply to god or you lose’.
    Never a truer phrase spoken Dr.Morse.:-D

  7. Dr.Morse what do you think about consuming oats for health ?

  8. Would it be possible to get an iris reading from you doctor,, what does it cost and when can we send an iris photo for reading,,,thank you

    • Dr. Morse has been doing brief iris readings through these videos for free. You just get the best quality pics that you can and send them to the same email address that the regular questions go to. It may take him a little longer to respond to iris pics, so be patient.

    • +John Everyman that is so very kind,,,thank you so much,,,i will do that,,,bless you

  9. Hello i’m french.i’m eating raw 80/10/10 since 9 months and i gain 20 kgs.i’m 30 years old.the last two years i do a starvation because i was fat (100 kg) since 2 years i eat 1000cal and do a lot of si ce 9 month i eat 3000 cal or more from fruit and vegetable (1. Avocado a week).i have contact thierry casanovas who you know and y tell me it’s water rentention.i drink ajout 4 liters.thanks for the answer and sorry for the langage.

  10. Dr. Morse, what a service!!!  You are amazing and so generous.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
    Thank you for helping my mother in law and little Emma and all the other people that you are helping out.  You are an angel in disguise <3

  11. Thank you Doc! Glad you’ve made quite a few videos recently. I’m on a Dr Morse videos marathon! Keep them coming please.

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