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Questions & Answers 212 – Vitiligo, Osteoarthritis, Migraines, Goiter, Alzheimer’s

Questions & Answers 212

02:21- Shout out to Angel

05:37 — Please talk about Vitiligo. I'm 23 and I have Vitiligo for four years now. I'm a young girl and I hate to watch my skin changing its color and it stops me from living my age. I'm trying hard not only with creams and UVB laser, but also watching my diet and having vitamins like B12.

21:47 — Natalia — My mother has Osteoarthritis in her cervical area. I have read that the cartilage wears down in the joints and never rebuilds again. IS that true? She wants to take Collagen. Is there something natural, like herbs or diet change she can do to at least relieve some of the pain she feels?

28:14 — Kai — Had over the years are bad migraines, anxiety, eating disorder, kidney infection and a few urinary tract infections. I've had disc problems in lower back to the point that I was almost crippled, varicose veins, tired and aching legs, some pain and discomfort in female organs, heart irregularities, lots of wax in the ears and candida problems.

48:55 — Doug — I'm taking the detox formulas in the kit I, plus Prostate, Adrenal Glands and Eye Wash. Can I just dump them all in one larger eye-dropper bottle?

50:38 — Tony — My girlfriend is 43 and has Ankylosing Spondylitis. The doctor has induced the menopause and put her on a HRT treatment due to a build up of Fibroids and continuing bone pains. They are now persuading her to have a hysterectomy that they say, will sort most of these issues out.

53:06 — Damon — I wrote awhile back about my 8cm tumor/goiter on my right thyroid. I feel as if my tumor is diminishing slowly, yet I have noticed new lipomas on my left arm. My blood pressure is a little on the low side averaging about 105/55, but I feel great! My gums bleed at night, I have bad breath, my nails are a little ridged. I am 6 foot 1 and now weigh 62kg (136lbs) and find it hard to put on weight.

1:02:38 — Case Study — 77-year-old female. Alzheimer's Disease, Cirrhosis of the liver. One kidney (left Kidney), right kidney removed.

1:12:12 — Harry — My father has lung cancer that has spread. Do you have anything that could help him?

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  1. Epic goatee!!

  2. thank you Dr. Morse! 🙂

  3. Love the beard! 😀

  4. Thank you for the gift of your knowledge…….

  5. Thank you for the gift of your knowledge……..

  6. Looking forward to trying the God’s Garden Superfood blend.

  7. “we are a team” …You are awesome!

  8. I’ve been in a major battle for my health since October when I got a virus of some description. I believe I am suffering from post viral fatigue. So you go from super athlete to not being able to run one mile without going out of breath. I plan on dosing high on green juice and some herbs, fruit also. This health thing sure is one hell of a ride. These viruses aint half nasty. Balance is the key in defeating them, I believe if you are in balance you will not become ill at all.

  9. Dr.Morse can you give some strategies with regards to treating multiple sclerosis ?
    Green juices and fruit ? Herbs ?


  11. Top draw dr Morse. Thank you.

  12. Hi Dr. Morse – Could you please talk about brown stains on the base of teeth?

  13. Another highly informative and awesome video by Dr Morse. Thank you doc!

  14. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 21st January 2014 at 3:09 am //

    big trouble in little texas…….god I love listening to dr. morse

  15. Doctor Morse just nails it.   I knew about the 2 sides of chemistry but I was not focused on how we ate.   He is spot on !!!!!!

  16. Namaste Dr Morse,
    I just want to say that you are divine and a blessing to humanity. God bless

  17. what should we feed our dogs according to him?

  18. Name dropper. Dr Morse you mentioned Bryan Adams takes your products. Lol

  19. Lots of items have been tried but none of them did wonders. This vitiligo procedure “unique cozum site” (Google it) is the sole product that works for me. My white spots getting smaller sized and many disappeared. The enhancements on the hands took time, but I am eager for quicker results in other parts of the body. This stuff is legit miracle remedy.

  20. Hello Robert Morse

    Thank you for all your advice and information.

    What about people who were born with vitiligo, can that be reversed? xx

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