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Questions & Answers 213 – Kidney Infections, Being Paralyzed, Mucus, Chronic Asthma.

Questions & Answers 213

00:49 — Maria — 46-year –old. I recently had 3 very bad Kindey Infections in a row. I was prescribed Cipro. I chronically suffer from Candida and a bone infection in my jaw. I also was diagnosed with a blood disease mainly because of very bad deliveries and recoveries.

15:27 — Rma516 — What are the dangers of masturbation? I'm talking about at least once a day if not more. I have a very active sex life with my spouse but also use this as stress relief. I've been having the following symptoms: acid reflux, extreme gas and bloating after I eat, vision problems, memory trouble, problems with judgment when driving extreme fatigue, breathing problems, joint problems, inflammation around the heart, not being about to keep muscle after workouts.

23:52 — Anonymous — I am paralyzed from the waist down from a surgery where the doctors neglected to keep the blood flowing to my spine during the procedure. There is no physical trauma to the spine except blood is now refusing to flow across the BBB to nourish my spine so that
I may walk again. What essential oils or herbs do you suggest would be most beneficial for my recovery?

25:45 – Pee Pee — 29-year-old from the UK. I have this constant mucus at the back of my throat for almost 1 year now. I have been to doctors, even ENT doctors, and they keep telling me its my sinus and to use some sprays, but its not working.

29:22 — Federico — How could a patience with Kidney failure get out from the dialysis which he is doing 3 times a week since five years. I would like to know if it's a true statement, which affirm that when somebody is unhappy, stressed or angry, it creates acidity in his body?

32:33 — Elaine — I have had many pets in my life and feel that I get along with them better than most people and I'm sure I'm not alone. Most have lived long lives, but a few not so long. We know what vaccines do to humans, but what do they do to the animals? What are you thoughts on this?

36:33 — Faisal — I'm a 25-year-old male and I'm suffering with chronic asthma. I grew up taking steroid inhalers, but tossed them away many years ago as I felt they weren't doing much for me. I hope you can guide me to better health.

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  1. nelmezzodelcammindinostravita // 17th December 2013 at 4:58 pm //

    why don’t you put a link to your website in order to purchase your plants?

  2. How do you fix chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia/m.e ? I believe they are all the same thing ?

  3. making love 30 times a day!!!  AWESOME!

  4. I’m curious what research/theories/texts Dr. Morse’s practice is based on? I’m not questioning his effectiveness, just genuinely curious

  5. Yo Fredrico! I have alot of experience working in Dialysis. Message me if you see this. Ill give you some very useful info about intake on fruits berries and melons. I know Dr Morse encourages it, but that patient needs to be very careful about the amount of consumption

  6. constant UTI infections, because of catheter use, am on daily Anit biotic Sulfatrim, seems necessary to limit infections. is there a better way ? Thanks Dr Morse, love your videos.  Ken

  7. nice beard!

  8. You are right about the parathyroid, My mother had to have hers removed.   Thank you for your advice.  I hope to contact your office soon to try to start to feel better.

  9. Maria is my English name.  Sorry. You are discussing my letter in this and you were 100% right.

  10. In fact, kidney disease is the trouble with your immune system. You should get rid of the root cause if you wish to eliminate it completely

  11. Hey, can you please help me on how I could remove bad breath that causes by mucus that won’t go away?

  12. When you stay away from proteins do you mean all kind of protein rich foods or just meat?

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