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Questions & Answers 215 – Cavities, Hernia, Emotional Issues, Hypothyroidism, Kinesiology

Questions & Answers 215

04:13 — Mike — I see that Robert uses black walnut hulls and butternut bark in the Parasite M formula. I'm wondering if he has ever used pecan hulls for the same purpose?

08:13 — Marta — I'm experiencing big cavities in 3 of my teeth, I have no pain since I started using a black walnut tincture daily hoping it would stop them from spreading, but they are spreading really quickly. Questions for a friend about eye laser surgery on both of her eyes.

34:38 — Carmen — 49-years-old. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with hernia in my lower back. I am overweight and I have long episodes of severe depression, fatigue, muscle pain, swollen feet, bags under my eyes, swollen hands, pain in my knees. I can't move properly in order to get up so it takes time until I can stand.

53:36 — Pam — I'd like to know how much fruit should I be eating for breakfast and lunch, or just throughout the day so I know I'm eating enough for nutrition sake. I have a tendency to under eat.

55:50 — Mann — I'm having a lot of emotional issues that I don't know how to deal with and I believe they have been there since I was a kid. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with slightly Hypothyroidism. I have fatigue, nausea, fainting, lack of concentration, arrhythmia, tachycardia and feeling very depressed.

1:11:28 — Sam — I was wondering about homeless people. What would be better for them? Should they eat whatever people give them (gluten and all that) or find grass, chew it to swallow the juice of it and then spit it out? Would that give them the strength and energy to go through life and cold weather?

1:16:51 — Sovereign chi — Have been practicing applied Kinesiology — Why does the energy field sometimes indicate these products are strengthening to the field when, in fact, and I believe you, they are harmful/not ultimately imbalancing to the field/body? Proteins- I understand and believe what you say about the body's challenge to breakdown proteins in their useable form, amino acids. The direction I often read about is that the body needs the amino acids to build proteins; thus, we require a broad spectrum of amino acids to make "a complete protein" to build tissue.

1:32:17 — Brittney — I've had my protocol reviewed by a practitioner (it was a protocol I gave myself off of the video reading you gave me of my eyes). One thing arose with the glandulars. He said I should not be taking the pituitary with a Thyroid or Parathyroid glandular, as this is too hot and can burn the gland.

1:34:50 — Chantelle — I've taken antibiotics 3 times this year, I'm working on healing my bacterial vaginitis. I've tried Oregano oil, tons of probiotics, apple cider vinegar douches, probiotic suppositories. I cut out sugar and alcohol. I've added extra folic acid, Vitamin C and D, and taking Reishi. What am I missing?

1:46:14 — Josh — I have a cousin in-law with Familial Polyposis. I have a 68-year-old grandma in-law with chronic Lympocytic Leukemia. She has already had some Chemotherapy.

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  1. Goal this year is to watch more of your videos Doc! Start to Finish. 

  2. THANK YOU DR MORSE!!!!!!! I’ve started the all fruit diet like I had said and I will order the herbs soon!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much and much much much love to you!!! Marta from Italy

  3. I am mostly Vegan, but soon going for a mostly Raw Vegan diet.

    I wanted to just let you and everyone who reads this, to know, that you sir (you amazing man), are 110% right. People should heed your warnings and take in as much information as you give to us.

    I’m a 23 year old young male, with eczema, and because of what I’ve been learning from you and other sources online, I’ve managed to control and almost completely stop my eczema. When I have breakouts, I know my pH levels are high, and I correct it, but (needless to say), that rarely happens (unless I eat something I shouldn’t, haha ^_^).

    I want to thank you for your great work, and to keep doing what you do. I’ll be working hard on trying to spread what I have learned to the world as well.

    My life is forever changed.

    • +Wendy The Runt Hello, sorry for the very long delay, but if you’d like to chat my email is

      but trust me Robert goes over everything

    • +Sketchopath hi, how u doing now

    • Ritesh Arora
      Sorry for delay
      I’m doing great
      You would be surprised if I were to tell you I’m 28 now and I’m doing great, hopefully you are considering

    • +Sketchopath i am vegetarian by birth but wants to go raw vegan. The sweets and cookies kills me after 4 days or so and i fall off the wagon

    • Ritesh Arora
      I’m not a sweets fan but
      There are a ton of fruits for the sweet tooth
      There are a ton of vegan sweets
      Cookies and cakes and such that can be made even ice creams
      You’ll have to just hunt for them is all
      But do note even if are do
      We have a mid to heavy addiction to these unhealthy foods
      Are brain feels all types of rewards for us eating in this way because it’s how they are made, we can still meet that reward if we just made our foods just right
      Will power to break the habit

  4. What does Dr Morse think of amalgam fillings? 
    Does he think it’s necessary to remove them?It’s costly!

  5. Dr Please Please give me some hope and advice about Tinnitus , what can stop it , decrease it. please advise. please

    • Pebbles join the facebook group (Fans of Dr. Robert Morse N.D) you’ll have to request to join. Lots of people there that can help, also some practitioners etc.
      Basically, get your lymph moving, clean your bowels, then take herbs tinctures for upper circulation, brain and nerve (or just get the herbs and make yourself some tea or tinctures out of them). It’s a slow process – I have lymphatic pressure in the head (thought it was tinnitus before) and I am doing a lot better than a year ago. I detox slowly though. 

      You also better write this question to the email for the questions, not in the comments, as they don’t reply to comments.

    • pebbles armsted I

  6. What was the name of the author of the three books?   Please, anyone.  🙂 and thank you.  

  7. I love you Dr. Morse. You made my day 🙂

  8. Hi Dr. Morse, I have a question about a possible hernia, I’ve been noticing lately every time I stand up I see and feel a sometimes hard bulge protruding in my lower left abdomen right next to my bellybutton but the actual bulge appears on my abdomen, is this a hernia?

  9. Alter Consciousness // 17th January 2016 at 6:01 am //

    Dear Sir, I could just kiss you!!!! I have custom made boots (adjustable) and skirts only because I’m never the same size twice! Depression, Thyroid, way over weight fast!! Over 120lb in 4 month! My menses is outrageous, by uterus is the size of being 6 mo gestation. I’m 43 and tied tubes, not preg. I hurt all the time, deep inside. I have a umbilical hernia so bad Dr’s are scared to touch me. I’m freezing to where my family keeps my room at 85 when I sleep. I’m on BP med x2 daily. Top BP was 160/120 when getting a broken tooth pulled. Usually, 125/90 with Metroprolol 25 mg 2x daily. When teeth are not infected I don’t need the BP med. Sinthroid 100mcg 6 days a week for thyroid. My hair is falling out, they can’t get the dose right after 12 years, thus the 6 days a week. I’m getting dentures. ALL my teeth went from PERFECT to rotting from inside out in a year. I eat near nothing, but gain anyway. I’ve been told not to expect to live more than 6 more years. My youngest is 15, I MUST stay alive, not just surviving. My sleep is terrible. I never sleep well. Candida is an issue intermittently. I was a singer, now mucus is in my throat and my sound is not the same. I’m a massage therapist and specialize in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I’ve seen amazing things with work from just my hands. I have very low, then high blood sugar. My nurse prac just started about the cholesterol. My bones break super easy. The teeth are gone, but my hair is falling out. Ridged nails, loosing hair, fat, sick, can’t work, can’t be a great wife, or mom. Myself and my family deserve better! PLEASE help. I get better, I can help more people myself. Great thanks. I must get better.
    Idahi Hiday.

  10. “Let’s just remove the colon for prevention, boys…I hated to poop anyway” LOL You crack me up Dr Morse. I love you

  11. “Play a little bit with your own self” – Great advice Doc, thank you! Couldn’t agree more

  12. Oh god, I love you soooooo much. YOU ARE A HERO.

  13. Ordered your book can’t wait to gt it! Day 17 on all fruit feel wonderful lost ten lbs and a tooth ache I had tht was persistent went away after starting. So thankful for such wonderful information

  14. Coach Emma Rubio, MSc // 1st April 2018 at 7:53 pm //

    What tea is he recommending for teeth, please?

  15. Does anybody know if I can still have grains and cure my cavities

  16. Simmie Davis and band /Timbara // 28th May 2018 at 11:54 pm //

    Dr. Morse, where have you been all my life? I have been binge watching for nearly a month. I’m so sure we’ve known each other. I was grieving my Dr. Michael Frost, and the decade we worked together. Then God sent me YOU. I’ve been looking for someone who knew as much as he did. Taoist studies. I know I’m supposed to do this work. But I have to heal first. See you soon.

  17. Please do a video on cirrhosis and ascites

  18. Eat Sleep Rave Repeat // 6th October 2018 at 12:52 am //

    Lmao 19:24

  19. Do Robert Morse have teeth problems

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